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How to Preserve Birds of Paradise (Cenderawasih)

Papua Birds of Paradise

Author Ari Welianto | Editor Ari Welianto – The existence of birds of paradise is increasingly difficult in the wild and is threatened with extinction. Hunting, illegal logging and forest conversion have caused the bird of paradise population to decrease. So it needs attention to save birds of paradise in Papua. What can be done to preserve the birds of paradise?

There are several ways that can be done to conserve birds of paradise:

Maintain the habitat of birds of paradise

Cited on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Menlkh), observing the behavior of birds of paradise and analysis of tree vegetation which is a place to play and make out were carried out.

Habitat destruction can be an important factor in causing extinction. The relationship between birds of paradise and their habitat is also bird interaction that affects their behavior. The loss of bird species from their habitats greatly impacts forest regeneration.

The loss of bird species also has an impact on the economic, social and cultural life of indigenous peoples in Papua. Because their life is very dependent on the condition of the natural resources around them.

Community outreach

Apart from conducting observations, counseling was also carried out to indigenous and broad communities about efforts to conserve birds of paradise from hunting and illegal trade.

The community welcomes this activity and intends to prohibit the hunting of birds of paradise in the forest after seeing in the field and the threats to its population.

Doing conservation

In order for cenderawasih birds to remain sustainable, conservation can be carried out by the government or conservation organizations. Bird breeding can also be done for breeding, so that the population can increase.

On the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) website, birds of paradise are still the target of hunting and trade. Where it is traded and used as souvenirs, either in the form of life or that has been preserved.

It is clearly an environmental crime and violates the applicable law in Indonesia and must be stopped immediately. It is not impossible that if the chain of hunting and trade of paradise continues, we will lose this beautiful species.

The use of bird of paradise feathers is still allowed only for the benefit of local communities in decorating traditional clothes. But it’s not an exaggeration and fortunately the Papuan people have local wisdom and customs to help preserve this bird.

Returning to the forest, conservation and sustainable forest management helps to protect the real (nature) forest ecosystem, schools and laboratories.

Papua Birds of Paradise

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