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Dian Sastro: Many Papuan students are interested in entering the film industry

Papuan students in the film industry

Author Ayunda Pininta Kasih | Ayunda Pininta Kasih Editor – Magnifique and Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation held a free M-Class webinar with the theme of the National Film Industry for students in Jayapura, Papua, Friday (18/9/2020).

Dian Sastrowardoyo shared 20 years of experience working in the film industry as an actress and now as a producer with more than 80 Papuan students.

According to him, many students in Papua are interested in getting into the film industry, so he doesn’t want the pandemic to cut student learning.

“Papua has many students who are interested in getting into the film industry. This is proven by their achievements in participating in various film festivals at the national level and the growing film community in Papua. It is fitting that this pandemic does not cut their learning chain from industry players, “said Dian explaining the reason for choosing Papua as the inaugural webinar.

The webinar “Behind the Scenes: Discussion on Indonesian Films” lasted for 90 minutes and discussed the production and current situation of national films which are expected to provide an overview for young Papuans.

“As with students in any part of Indonesia, access for students to continue to inspire themselves positively must be given frequently.

“Webinars are a means of bringing together students and professionals so that students have a more real picture of the industry they want to be in,” he added.

Going forward, the M-Class will be held in October 2020 by presenting different speakers and topics according to student needs.

Managing Partner Magnifique Arifaldi Dasril added that the M-Class mechanism is not only done by holding webinars.

However, M-Class also supports the provision of internet quotas for students in need, so that they are not burdened to participate in events.

“We hope that more parties will synergize with us for the continuity of this webinar so that the frequency of this webinar can be conducted more frequently and reach more campuses,” said Arifaldi.

Also attending the webinar were students of FISIP Cendrawasih University, the Indonesian Institute of Arts & Culture (ISBI Tanah Papua), the Wamena Christian School of Teacher Training and Education (STKIP KW), and friends of the Film Community in Papua.

Papuan students in the film industry

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