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Bringing up West Papua issue, Vanuatu’s voice has no effect

Vanuatu’s voice has no effect

International observer who is also the Executive Director of The Indonesian Democracy Initiative (TIDI) Arya Sandhiyudha, Ph.D, said that Vanuatu’s voice which often raises issues of human rights (HAM) in Papua at the UN General Assembly is not very influential.

“This really has no effect because we actually have many forums, for example there is a UN Human Rights Council forum where Vanuatu does not speak, there is an evaluation of the human rights of all countries in the world. Vanuatu should dare to contest the data, convey it there,” said Arya to, Tuesday (29/9/2020).

“In the UN Human Rights Council, each country is evaluated based on its track record. Vanuatu is talk bringing up cases without evidence, but in the forum that requested data, it doesn’t bring data, it doesn’t play. Vanuatu only plays on stages to be populist, and then run away,” he added.

According to Arya, the reality condition in Papua is now very different compared to many other countries in the context of treatment of race issue. Because Indonesia is accustomed to diversity of ethnic groups. “We can see that no country in the world that has special rules to grant rights for Indigenous peoples to fill a very large proportion of strategic positions in the local government,” he explained.

In Papua, he said, the province has become two and this means that the territory has been developed democratically. “The two provincial governors are also led by native Papuans, the Military Regional Commander is native Papuan, the Chief of Regional Police is also native Papuan, so indigenous Papuan has the privilege to lead in their own land,” he explained.

Furthermore, Arya appreciated the work of young Indonesian diplomats, Silvany Austin Pasaribu, who conveyed the right of reply to Vanuatu which brought up the issue of human rights (HAM) in Papua at the UN General Assembly which was held on Saturday (26/9/2020).

“The stance of our diplomat has been very firm, yes and indeed it is proportional considering that Vanuatu has been annoying for a long time and Vanuatu also seems to be the only Pacific nation that raise the issue of West Papua. I notice two very firm dictions came out: shameful and ignorant,” he said.

Vanuatu’s voice has no effect

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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