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The Jayawijaya Regency Government invites businesses to fight COVID-19

Papua fight against COVID-19

Wamena (ANTARA) – The Government of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province invites hoteliers, home stay and restaurants to fight against the spread of COVID-19 by implementing health protocols.

The Regional Secretary of Jayawijaya Lives Wusono in Wamena, Wednesday, hoping that related agencies will also work together with business actors in fighting the outbreak.

“Our hope is that we remain committed to running the business and are consistent in how we continue to do the protocol from beginning to end when this pandemic continues. Because this pandemic concerns safety, synergy between business managers, government and society must be carried out,” he said.

He ensured that normal adaptations would only be felt lightly if there was good synergy in fighting the virus.

It remains Wusono hopes that the local tourism office will also provide assistance to prevent COVID-19 to indigenous people who are managers of tourist attractions, so that they are also involved in fighting the corona.

“Because most of the tourist attractions in Jayawijaya are managed by our brothers and sisters here, it is necessary to provide assistance, so that at least when he understands the COVID-19, he has started to prepare a place to wash hands, keep his distance in place. -that place, “he said.

He invited the Jayawijaya community in general to always implement the COVID-19 prevention protocol, for example using masks, washing their hands diligently and avoiding crowds of residents.

“COVID-19 is not part of the health task but is a joint task, including the technical SKPD which directly contributes and is responsible for fostering and supervising relations with the business world,” he said.


Jayawijaya Regency is one of the regencies (kabupaten) in Papua ProvinceIndonesia. It occupies an area of 7,030.66 km2 in the Baliem Valley, situated in the central highlands of the province. It had a population of 196,085 at the 2010 Census, but the most recent official estimate (for January 2014) is 241,280. Its capital is Wamena.



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