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The charm of Ugimba, a tourist village that is still Corona-free in Papua

The wonderful Ugimba Village

Corona VIRUS or Covid-19 has spread throughout Indonesia. However, there are some areas that are still free of corona or green zones according to official data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

One of them is Intan Jaya. This district in Papua turns out to have a myriad of extraordinary tourism potential. There is a tourist village in Intan Jaya which offers beautiful and alluring natural scenery, namely Ugimba Village.

Ugimba, Intan Jaya, Papua (

For tourists who have climbed Carstensz Peak, of course, they are familiar with Ugimba Village. This village is the last stop for climbers before heading to Carstensz Peak. So what are the attractions?

Cartensz Pyramid at Intan Jaya (IG @taylordcook)

Since 2014, Ugimba has been inaugurated as a tourist village by the government. At that time, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu signed the Carstensz Peak Inscription as a leading tourist area and Ugimba as a tourist village.

Ugimba’s natural beauty is so stunning. As far as the eye can see, tourists will be presented with a row of mountains and green hills that spoil the eye.

In addition, there are many other tourism potentials around Ugimba Village that can be enjoyed. For example, tourists can test their adrenaline by rafting on the Kemabu River.

Then, there is also the Nabu River which has the best flow towards Mount Carstensz. The uni river flow is unique because it smells good and produces salt.

Even so, Maximus Tipagau, Carstensz tourism manager, said that residents in the village closest to the top of Carstensz are still living with limitations, both in education, transportation and health and health.

In fact, the wonderful Ugimba Village is often the last stop for domestic and foreign tourists before heading to Carstenz Peak.

So, all this time tourists from America and Europe, and China all pass Ugimba Village first before going to Carstensz Peak, they are passing here, “Maximus told Okezone, some time ago. (sal)

Source: Okezone

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