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384,060 Families in Papua Receive Food Program Assistance

Food Program Assistance in Papua

Jakarta – The Coordinating Minister for PMK Muhadjir Effendy said that the government continues to optimize the distribution of food programs related to COVID-19 to 384,060 beneficiary families (KPM) in Papua and West Papua Provinces. Distribution will be provided through banks and PT Pos Indonesia.

“Earlier discussing the acceleration and optimization of the distribution of basic food programs in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. Because these two provinces do have special characteristics that are different from other urban districts, therefore there must be discretional policies in the distribution of the basic food programs in these two provinces , “said Muhadjir through the Kemenko PMK YouTube broadcast, Wednesday (21/10/2020).

Muhadjir said that there were 8 regencies / cities in Papua and West Papua that received food packages that could be delivered directly by the team. Meanwhile, other districts / cities are delivered manually through PT Pos.

“From the non-cash social assistance that can be distributed as is, as before, only a few districts and cities in Papua and West Papua, namely in Papua there are 3 city districts, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, and Keerom Regency. “There are 5 regencies and cities in the West, namely Bintuni Bay, South Sorong, Sorong, South Manokwari, and Sorong City,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the rest cannot be distributed in the same mechanism as before but must use a special mechanism, which is delivered directly to the beneficiary family and the one responsible for distributing it is PT Pos,” he said.

Muhadjir said, for families who have not received food packages, they will be distributed immediately. In addition, the government will improve data on aid recipients.

“The important thing is that from the coordination meeting there is an agreement that in the near future, the distribution of basic foodstuffs that have not received this will be carried out immediately.

In addition, we will immediately improve and improve data that is not yet good, especially for urban districts in Papua and West Papua which have not done data validation and updating so far.

“We will handle it specifically, accelerated, carried out simultaneously to involve all related ministries and institutions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Hartono Laras, said that the total number of families receiving basic food assistance in Papua was 384,060 KPM. A total of 177,247 KPM were channeled through the Association of State-Owned Banks (Himbara) or given directly, as many as 206,813 while using PT Pos Indonesia.

“We immediately confirmed that the data that became the recipients of the basic food program that we reported earlier in our meeting had obtained data that could be channeled through Bank Himbara or the existing 177,247 KPM, and what PT Pos did was 206,813 KPM,” said Hartono.

Hartono said for families who had not received basic food assistance, his party would immediately distribute them. He will ask related parties such as Bank Himbara and PT Pos.

“For those that are complete in several regencies and cities, we will immediately ask PT Pos to distribute them immediately. Of course we will go through a letter to PT boss and Bank Himbara,” he said.

Source of Food Program Assistance in Papua: Detik News

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