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Telkomsel increases network capacity in Agats Asmat

Network capacity in Agats Asmat

Asmat (ANTARA) – Telkomsel has carried out a number of network capacity and quality improvements in Agats, Asmat Regency, Papua Province to meet the availability of broadband access from residents in frontier, outermost, and disadvantaged (3T) areas.

This capacity increase is in line with Telkomsel’s efforts to develop a digital ecosystem that has become a daily lifestyle in the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing today.

The need for an internet network is the main one to support the continuity of the teaching and learning process online.

On October 17, 2020, Telkomsel collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo), PT Palapa Timur Telematics and the full support of the Asmat Regency Government, in this case the Asmat Regency Communication and Information Service, has successfully integrated the East Palapa Ring (PRT) with the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) owned by Telkomsel which are scattered in the Asmat Regency.

The integration with this PRT optical fiber will increase Telkomsel’s network capacity by 500 Mbps, whereas previously Telkomsel’s network was only connected via satellite (IDR) which had limited capacity.

Timika Telkomsel Network Service Manager Petrus DN Febrianto in a written statement received by ANTARA on Thursday emphasized Telkomsel’s commitment to continue to move forward in providing quality telecommunications services to all corners of the country including the 3T area.

“Through the integration process of East Palapa Ring with Telkomsel’s BTS, network capacity has increased more than five times compared to when using satellite access. In addition to increasing capacity, people in Asmat Regency can now enjoy internet services with 4G LTE technology with a more stable network quality and are not affected by weather conditions such as access via satellite. ” said Peter.

Head of Information, Communication, Statistics and Encoding, Asmat Jamaluddin, welcomed and appreciated Telkomsel for adding network capacity in the Asmat Regency area.

“Now the network is faster than usual. People in Agats can already enjoy the fastest and best service from Telkomsel. Maybe there are deficiencies that can be fixed slowly. It took a long struggle for three years to be integrated into optical fiber. Thank you to Telkomsel for providing the best service in Agats City for the Asmat people. ” said Jamaluddin.

Until now, Telkomsel has operated tens of thousands of BTS units in the 3T area consisting of Regular BTS and Red and White BTS, including broadband BTS which are ready to support people’s needs to access internet services.

“The presence of broadband access has also become one of the main pillars in advancing the economy,” he said.

Network capacity in Agats Asmat

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