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Mimika received a grant of IDR 28 billion to restore the hotel-restaurant business

Hotel-restaurant business in Mimika

Timika (ANTARA) – Mimika Regency, Papua, is one of 101 districts / cities and provinces in Indonesia that received grant assistance of IDR 28 billion from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for the purpose of restoring the national economy, especially in the hotel and restaurant business.

Head of the Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) Mimika Dwi Cholifah in Timika, Monday, said that apart from Mimika, there are three other districts / cities in Papua Province that have received grants from the Ministry of Tourism, namely Jayapura City, Jayawijaya Regency and Deiyai ​​Regency.

“The grant funding is an economic stimulus in order to recover hotel and restaurant businesses that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dwi explained.

He said that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy had prepared technical instructions on how to distribute the grant funds to hotel and restaurant business actors in all regions.

“The calculation of how much grants will be received by hotels and restaurants refers to the value of the taxes they pay in 2019. All hotel and restaurant tax payment data is with us. Regarding this, of course the leading sector remains with the District Tourism, Youth and Sports Office. Mimika, “he explained.

Mimika Regency Government, he said, will produce a Regional Grant Agreement (NPHD) for all hotels and restaurants that will receive the grant.

Supervision of the distribution of the grant funds will be carried out by the Regional Inspectorate, while the team that will be involved in monitoring the field is a number of agencies within the Mimika Regency Government such as the Tourism, Youth and Sports Office, Bapenda, Bappeda, BPKAD and the One Stop Integrated Licensing Service.

According to Dwi, hotel and restaurant managers who have not paid taxes or are in arrears will certainly be considered whether to accept the grant funds or not.

Previously, Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng denied accusations from Mimika DPRD member M Nurman Karupukaro that the IDR 28 billion grant received from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy was only enjoyed by one hotel in Timika, namely the Grand Mozza Hotel in the Cenderawasih SP2 Street area.

Omaleng said that according to the Letter of the Minister of Finance Number: S-244 / MK.7 / 2020 dated 12 October 2020, Mimika Regency received a grant of IDR 28,209,750,000.

The management of the grant funds, he said, is regulated through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Decree Number: KM / 704 / PL.02 / M-K / 2020 concerning Guidelines for Tourism Grants in the context of national economic recovery.

“So all of this has been very clearly regulated in technical guidelines. Both in terms of program planning, implementation, disbursement and later reporting,” said Omaleng.

The main requirement for hotels and restaurants that will receive the grant assistance is that they must comply with the 2019 taxpayer database and still operate until August 2020.

Furthermore, hotels and restaurants that have permits from the local government in their business and pay local taxes as evidenced during 2019.

“I want to emphasize that it is not true that there are those who say that our regional government only allocates this grant for one hotel. All calculations are made and will be stated in the Mimika Regent Decree,” said Omaleng.

Hotel-restaurant business in Mimika

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