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The Papua Education Office received five units of National library cars

Papua Education Office

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Regional Library and Archives Education Office of Papua Province received five library cars from the National Library of Indonesia.

The Head of the Regional Library and Archives Office of Papua Province Christian Sohilait in Jayapura, Tuesday, said that the five library cars were to succeed and at the same time take the role of libraries in celebrating PON XX 2021 in Papua Province.

“One unit of the vehicle will be given to the library in Merauke Regency and four other units will be in Jayapura City and Regency which is the main venue for PON Papua,” he said.

According to Christian, the library car will not only serve as a means of reading to increase general knowledge, but are also expected to provide information about PON 2021 Papua.

“Last week I visited Merauke Regency in order to see the education there, participated in the inauguration of the Merauke Regency library building and also received assistance from the National Library in the form of these five vehicles,” he said.

He explained that while in Merauke, his party saw of course many educational problems, especially SMA and SMK.

“After getting these various problems, of course we have to save and help our students how to get good educational services,” he said again.

He added that in a visit to Merauke Regency, apart from seeing education services, he also attended the inauguration of the Merauke Regency regional library and the inauguration of the Sota reading corner, which is the border area between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Just to note, while in Merauke, he also conducted a literacy talk show with the Head of the National Library Moh Syarif Bando and the Acting Regional Secretary of Merauke Regency to address education issues in the region.

Papua Education Office

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