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The RI-PNG Border Security Task Force distributed children’s clothing at the border

The RI-PNG Border Security

Merauke, Papua (ANTARA) – Soldiers from the Military Command Battalion 125 / Si’mbisa Border Security Task Force under the Operations Command (Kolakops) of Korem 174 / ATW visited residents and distributed suitable clothes to children at the RI-PNG border, Kondo Village, Naukenjerai District, Merauke Regency Papua Province, Monday.

Dansatgas Lt. Col. Inf Anjuanda Pardosi said, the training and distribution of children’s clothing was carried out by five Task Force personnel from Pos Kondo led by Danpos Kondo Lt.da Inf Purwanta.

“We carry out this activity as a form of concern for others who need it especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lt. Col. Anjuanda Pardosi.

He admitted that the distribution of suitable clothing was carried out by going directly to residents’ homes (door to door).

“By visiting residents from house to house, it is hoped that the family relations between the Task Force and the residents will be tighter and more unified. And we are really happy to be able to help people in need, “said Dansatgas.

Meanwhile, Danpos Kondo Letda Inf Purwanta conveyed that he was very happy and proud to be able to share happiness with people on the border.

“Their happiness is also the happiness of the Task Force. And we are really happy to be able to help residents in need, “he said.

Meanwhile, Nanda Sanggra (39), a resident of Kondo village, thanked the Task Force for their concern and clothing assistance given to the children in Kondo Village.

“This assistance really means a lot to us and makes the children happy. Thank you for your care and help. Hopefully, gentlemen of the TNI will always be blessed by God in carrying out their duties, “he said.

The RI-PNG Border Security has only one issue, security threat from terrorist separatist that is now transformed into Free West Papua armed criminal group with its regular activity of killing and torturing innocent people.

The RI-PNG Border Security is very important for both Indonesia and the PNG.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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