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Biak Numfor Education Office improves coordination related to education

Biak Numfor Education Office

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Province Regional Library and Archives Education Office together with the Biak Numfor Regency Government (Pemkab) have increased coordination regarding long-term education in the local area.

Head of the Regional Library and Archives Education Office of Papua Province Christian Sohilait in Jayapura, Thursday, said that during the visit of the Biak Numfor Regent to his place, many things were reported related to education.

“The point of his visit is that there are only three things. Firstly, to provide the latest reports in Biak Numfor, both SD-SMA / SMK education, from that report there are several schools whose physical conditions are no longer possible to live in because they have been around since 1990, then secondly there are schools that the distance is too close for it to be combined, “he said.

According to Christian, then related to long-term education, such as the existing Vocational High Schools for the future, such as Fishery Vocational High Schools, whether there will be fish production carried out by Biak’s children, things like that are discussed.

“Furthermore, the visit addressed the problem of teachers, where in Biak Regency there are 1,031 teachers who have entered retirement this year so that when the teachers retire and there are no more appointments from the Papua and Regency Pemprov, Biak will lack teachers so a joint solution must be sought,” he said.

He explained that from this issue, his party provided several inputs, such as facilities and infrastructure, so the provincial government would try to help while still paying attention to the authority of the Regency Government and also the Papua Provincial Government.

“As for the teachers themselves, apart from the CASN that has been appointed, we will also look at the honorary staff if it is possible to be appointed, then they will be appointed, but if not then the solution is for the Biak Regency Government to contract teachers,” he said.

He added that in essence the Regent of Biak considered the importance of the world of primary and secondary education as something that was needed because there were many, therefore it needed to be maintained and provided support, this was a form of concern for the many problems that existed.

Biak Numfor Education Office

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