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The Jayawijaya Regency facilitated mama Papua proper markets

Proper markets for mama Papua

Wamena (ANTARA) – A number of indigenous Papuan mama-mama traders in Jayawijaya Regency who have been selling vegetables and cooking spices on the side of the road, have been facilitated by the government to enter into selling in proper markets.

Head of the Jayawijaya Department of Manpower, Industry and Trade, Lukas Kossay, in Wamena, Friday, said that previously these women had been selling on roadside areas including Jalan Sulawesi, Jalan Safri Darwin, the end of Jalan Irian.

“All of our mothers have submitted to four markets. Previously we didn’t open the Wouma Market, but now it’s opened so they have started trading. Jibama Market, Potikelek Market,” he said.

The government also allows the operation of the Potikelek Market to be open from 07.00 am to 10 pm so that women can sell longer hours.

“Meanwhile we are fixing the facilities there such as water, toilets, including lights and security in this market,” he said.

Previously, the government, through Disnakerindang and several technical agencies, disciplined indigenous Papuan traders who sold on sacks, roadside pockets, into the market.

“Currently, 88 percent of market activity is normal after the riots and the COVID-19 situation,” he said.

Activity extension until 22.00 at night at Potikelek Market is something that rarely happens because the average activity of the people and shops throughout Jayawijaya has started to decrease and closes at 20.00 past.

Proper markets for mama Papua


Located on the western half of the island of New Guinea and long racked by a simmering violent separatist insurgency, Papua encompasses Indonesia’s two easternmost provinces.

A former Dutch colony, West Papua has formally returned to Indonesia in 1969.

The undisputed vote of about 1,025 representative tribal leaders has chosen to join Indonesia.

The United Nations endorsed the result of the plebiscite and the world recognized West Papua as part Indonesia.

West Papuan people have elected the leaders of Papua and West Papua provinces.

The election in West Papua has strengthened the legality of the region as a province of Indonesia.

Since 2007, Abdurrahman Wahid administration changed the name from Irian Jaya to Papua.

Papua gained a “Special Autonomy” status, a political compromise between Papuans and the central government.

In 2001, politicians in Jakarta agreed to proceed with the implementation of the Special Autonomy.

However, Free West Papua separatist groups that seek to break away from Indonesia and establish new countries continue to challenge peaceful development by terror and intimidation.

Clash between secessionist and unionist in Papua and West Papua provinces is observable.

West Papua View All

This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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