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Asmat Regency Government-PLN electricity cooperation in three districts

Electricity cooperation in three districts

Timika (ANTARA) – The Asmat Regency Government continues to collaborate with PT PLN (Persero) Timika Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) to provide electricity facilities in the area, where in the near future there will be three more districts (sub-districts) where facilities will be built. electricity.

Manager of PLN UP3 Timika Marthinus Irianto Pasensi in Timika, Sunday, said that so far, PLN has cooperated in the form of Operation Handover (STO) of diesel generating facilities provided by the Asmat Regency Government to illuminate residents in Agats City and Atsi District.

“In the near future there will be three more PLTDs that will be STO-transferred to PLN, namely in Pantai Kasuari District, Suator District and Fayit District. We have communicated with the Asmat Regency Disperindagkop and are currently preparing a time line for the construction of electricity facilities up to can be operated in the three districts, “explained Marthinus.

PLN Timika targets to be able to operate electricity facilities in the three districts in Asmat Regency this year.

“Our target is that by the end of this year the three districts can be electrified. That’s why we want to go to Asmat to conduct socialization to the people in the three districts, of course we need help from the local government,” said Marthinus.

In addition to providing electricity through PLTD in cooperation with the Asmat Regency Government, PLN is also building a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) facility in 15 villages (villages) in Asmat Regency.

Regarding the STO PLTD cooperation in Asmat Regency, according to Marthinus, the Asmat Regency Government provides the diesel generator engine facilities. Meanwhile, operational and fuel needs are entirely the responsibility of PLN.

“Because the cooperation agreement is in the form of an operation handover, there are actually many benefits that the local government will get. From the budget side, they no longer have to issue a budget from the APBD to finance electricity there because it has been taken over by PLN,” he explained.

In addition, the local district government will receive a Street Lighting Tax which is always routinely deposited by PLN every month to the local government in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the local regional regulation.

PLN UP3 Timika itself has five districts, namely Mimika, Asmat, Yahukimo, Nduga and Puncak.

Currently, the number of PLN customers in the area reaches 18,000, most of which are in the Timika area, the capital of Mimika Regency.

Apart from Asmat, the STO collaboration has been carried out by PLN with the Yahukimo Regency Government since 2017 in terms of operating PLTD in Dekai, the capital of Yahukimo Regency.

Electricity cooperation in three districts

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