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Another Free West Papua HOAKS: “100 TNI Members Experience Hercules Airplane Accident in Papua”

Another Free West Papua HOAKS – A chain message that says the TNI Hercules plane crashed in Papua is scattered on the WhatsApp message sharing application.

It is said that the plane was carrying 100 TNI members and crashed today November 9, 2020.

Based on a search conducted by, the news was a hoax.

Narrative circulating The message circulating on the WhatsApp message sharing application said that 100 TNI members had a Hercules plane crash.

It is said that the incident that occurred Monday (9/11/2020) caused 10 people to die and 4 others were seriously injured.

The message is also accompanied by pictures of 3 plane crashes combined into one.

In full, the following is the narrative in circulation:

Indonesia is grieving Recently the TNI hercules plane carrying 100 TNI soldiers to Papua crashed in the Papua region on 09-11-2020 at 09:00, the members who died until now are only known about 10 people and the victims of severe injuries only 4 people who in between. Injured victims:

  1. Letda Rizqul Khoiri
  2. Letda Husain Inspiration
  3. Randi cleaning
  4. Serda Adi Prayoga

Hopefully the victims who died who want to fight will be placed in the Lord’s heaven without reckoning, as well as the survivors that they will be given strength and patience in dealing with everything.

In the confirmation of regarding this information, contacted the Head of the Indonesian Armed Forces Information Center (Kapuspen) Maj. Gen. Achmad Riad.

When confirmed, Achmad Riad said that the news was untrue or a hoax. “The news is a hoax or not true,” said Ahmad when confirmed by, Monday (9/11/2020).

He also said that the incident was an old event. “It happened in 2016,” he added. Based on a search by using the Google Image feature, the photos that are scattered along with the news are also old photos.

The first photo used in the message circulated was the illustrated photo used in the coverage of the Liputan 6 channel entitled “Indonesian Air Force Investigating the Causes of the Crash of Hawk 209 in Riau,”.

Based on the description of the illustrated photo, it is stated that the photo is a photo of the Hercules L-100-30 accident which had an accident in Magetan, East Java on May 20, 2009 which killed 98 passengers.

The second photo showing the plane crash with plane number A-1334, based on’s search, shows the photo of the Hercules plane crash in the Jayawijaya area, Papua on 18 December 2016.

The KBR portal is one of the sites that uses this photo in its news broadcast on December 18, 2016 with the title “Indonesian Air Force Plane Falls, NTSC Send Team to Wamena”.

The third photo is the photo used by the Antaranews news page in its news entitled “Fighter Plane Falls in Riau” which was published on June 15, 2020.

The photo is said to be a BAE Hawk 209 fighter plane that crashed into a resident’s house in Riau.

Conclusion The information that says there was an accident involving 100 TNI members in Papua on Monday (9/11/2020) is a hoax.

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