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The Jayapura City Government inaugurated the Ramela Muara Tami Hospital

Ramela Muara Tami Hospital

Jayapura, Jubi – The Government of Jayapura City, Papua Province has inaugurated the Ramela Muara Tami Hospital, Thursday (12/11/2020), to help provide health services for residents in the capital of Papua Province.

“The presence of this hospital as a health service facility has a very strategic role in efforts to accelerate the health status of the community,” said the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano.

Tomi Mano, who inaugurated a hospital covering an area of ​​four hectares or 40,000 m2, said that the Jayapura City Government is serious and continues to strive to improve the quality of services both promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitation.

“Today’s role is increasingly being demanded due to disease epidemiology, changes in organizational structure, developments in science and technology, socioeconomic, effective services, friendly, and able to meet people’s needs,” said Tomi Mano.

Tomi Mano said that the Remela Muara Tami Hospital, located on Koya Barat Protocol Street, Muara Tami District, was one of the priority programs during his tenure as Mayor of Jayapura.

“My desire is that this hospital will become an international standard hospital for tropical diseases and can become a teaching hospital because it has an emergency room, administration, medical records, VIP room, radiology room, laboratory, and pharmacy,” said Tomi Mano.

Tomi Mano, added that the name of the hospital paid attention to local wisdom so that it was named Ramela as a tribute to the late Lewi Ramela.

“Today I also appointed hospital management, with the hope of the director and other officials. I believe they are the best people who can bring this hospital according to our expectations, “said Tomi Mano.

Tomi Mano advised the public to keep the hospital clean, maintain environmental safety and comply with all the rules set by the hospital.

Head of the Jayapura City Health Office, dr. Ni Nyoman Sri Antari, said that the future development of the hospital will be on a certified land covering an area of ​​40,000 m2 by taking into account the new master plan.

“We will build a hospital on the fifth floor by paying attention to the green waiting room, children’s play area, services for parents, houses of worship (prayer rooms and churches, housing for medical personnel,” said Antari.

Antari said, with the operation of the Ramela Muara Tami Hospital, the Koya Barat Community Health Center which was previously an inpatient hospital will become an Outpatient Puskesmas.

Ramela Muara Tami Hospital

“However, in the functioning of this hospital, we started with a capacity of 20 beds. The construction started in 2015. We still need 200 beds, ”said Antari.

Antari added that Ramela Muara Tami Hospital is still the UPTD of the Health Service, with 91 staff consisting of dr. Specialist, dr. General, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, analysis, and other support, such as water, electricity, medical trash cans.

“We are optimistic that Ramela Muara Tami Hospital will become one of the prestigious hospitals in the Pacific region. For God, nothing is impossible, let’s pray that God will grant this good wish, ”said Antari. (*)

Ramela Muara Tami Hospital

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