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The hidden beauty of nature in Sentani Papua

The hidden beauty of nature

Papua is not only Raja Ampat
Many tourists visit Papua to visit Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is a tourist destination because of its underwater beauty. Many foreign tourists and local tourists don’t know the other natural beauty that Papua has. Another beauty that Papua has is in Sentani district.

Raja Ampat

Sentani Regency has a beautiful natural beauty and really wash the eyes of the tourists who visit. Tourist attractions that must be visited while in Sentani district are:

Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani (photo by CIFOR)

Lake Sentani is at the bottom of the hill which is the main road when we are going to Jayapura city. Lake Sentani is also famous for the existence of several islands in the lake, such as the islands of Aeria, Kasia, Pia, Nagu, Pugi, Ayarobego, Serebeperom, Asei, and other islands. Asei Island is the largest island in Lake Sentani. Besides there are many islands as well as a venue for the Lake Sentani Festival every year.

Lake Sentani Festival

Lake Sentani Festival (photo: Wikipedia)

The Lake Sentani Festival is a series of carnival shows with the theme of Papuan cultural performances, Papuan art goods exhibitions, and tourist tours. The festival was first held in 2007 and continues until 2017. The festival was held in the Kalkote beach area, which invited quite a number of tourists to attend the festival. In cultural performances, tourists can see Papuan traditional dances, traditional ceremonies, and typical Papuan culinary offerings.

Visiting the Mc. Arthur Monument

MacArthur Monument (Photo: TripAdvisor)

Located in the hills of the army company surrounded by trees. Tourists who visit are required to leave a National Identity Card (KTP) as postal security. Monument of Mc. Arthur is located between the hills and shows the beauty of Lake Sentani and Sentani City from that place.

MacArthur Monument (photo: Indonesia Tourism)

Asei Island

Asei Island (Photo: Indonesia Tourism)

Asei Island is located within Lake Sentani. Asei Island can be reached by boat via the Kalkothe ​​Pier on Kalkote Beach. Asei Island is known for selling Papuan leather paintings and other souvenirs.

Sinokisi Beach

Sinokisi Beach (Photo: YouTube)

Sinokisi Beach by presenting beautiful white sand makes tourists who visit feel at home to enjoy the natural beauty around the beach. To visit the beach through the Depapre pier for 60 minutes. Tourists can enjoy beautiful natural scenery with a strong wind that makes them endure to enjoy it. Tourists can also immortalize by taking pictures with friends or family on the beach.

Those are the few places that can be visited in Sentani Regency. The hidden beauty of nature in Sentani is not inferior to the Raja Ampat who have so much natural beauty.

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