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The Jayawijaya community asked the President to continue the Papua Special Autonomy

Jayawijaya community aspiration

Wamena, Papua (ANTARA PAPUA) – Community groups in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province came to the Jayawijaya Regent’s Office and conveyed their aspirations that are expected to be forwarded to President Joko Widodo so that the Special Autonomy Program (Otsus) continues.

Papuan veteran Alex Doga, who was present with the masses in Wamena, Thursday, said that the special autonomy that has been given to Papua has had a positive effect on development in this area.

“There are those who want to reject Otsus, but I represent the fighters and we who are present to accept this development, I am very grateful to the government for development, thank you to the regent, governor to Mr. Jokowi,” he said.

The masses who were present at the Jayawijaya Regent’s Office hoped that the government’s program for Papua would continue because there were still many areas that needed improvements to make it more advanced.

“We accept the development from the President given to us in this underdeveloped area. We want the welfare of our people to progress like in other regions,” he said.

According to Alex Doga, the government also needs to watch and pay attention to the children and grandchildren of Papuan veterans or fighters in the country.

Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Dominggus Rumaropen expressed his gratitude to the residents who came safely and conveyed their aspirations.

He hopes that the entire Jayawijaya community will continue to assist the police, military and government to keep Jayawijaya safe.

“Of course, my hope is that the remaining one month we will be in December, leaving 2020, of course we will end this journey. My hope is that we will continue to realize this built-in security. Let’s protect this condition together, there should not be an escalation like last year. which is sad, shedding tears, “said Dominggus Rumaropen.

Jayawijaya community aspiration.

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