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The Mimika Regency Government joint team organized the Timika Jaya Market

Timika Jaya Market

Timika (ANTARA) – The joint team of Mimika Regency Government, Papua Province, over the last few days has made arrangements for the Timika Jaya SP2 Market area so that the area on the edge of the protocol road will be more orderly and orderly.

Head of the Mimika Industry and Trade Service, Michael Go Marani, in Timika, Thursday, said that before the demolition of the merchant booths was carried out using heavy equipment, his staff had conducted socialization and data collection on the traders who had been selling in that location.

“The traders that we have recorded so far are selling at SP2 Market around 150 people. We have socialized the SP2 Market arrangement activities to traders and also to Papuan women who have been selling vegetables on the roadside,” said Michael. .

Since several years ago, Mimika Disperindag has built two units of Pasar Mama-mama Papua in the SP2 Market area, but so far they have hardly been used by traders because they prefer to sell right on the edge of Cenderawasih road.

Even though it caused a few protests from some traders, the steps to control illegal buildings and merchant booths carried out by the Mimika Regency Government Joint Team were continued until the market conditions were really clean, orderly and unsightly.

“If Papuan women are ready to enter and sell in two buildings that have been prepared by the government. Likewise other traders, they hope the government will prepare a temporary location for them to sell and do not want to leave the SP2 Market area,” Michael explained.

Mimika Disperindag ensures that all traders who have been selling in SP2 Market are still prioritized to reopen their sales in the market area after all illegal buildings have been cleaned and put in order.

The merchants who have been recorded will be divided into parts (los) and allowed to build temporary buildings so that they can continue to sell at that location.

“The traders are willing to build their own temporary stalls according to the arrangement of places and sizes of stalls regulated by the Industry and Trade Agency. However, the stalls they build will not close the two buildings of the Papua Mama Market and also the parking area,” he explained.

The Mimika Disperindag will propose the construction of a permanent building for traders to sell at the SP2 Timika Market in 2021 if the ownership status of the SP2 Market land is clear and there is no problem.

In the future, he added, all traders who will sell at the SP2 Market location are under the supervision of the Mimika Disperindag, both Papuan and non-Papuan traders.

“Until now, we have never collected any fees from traders in the SP2 Market,” said Michael.

The traders who sell in the SP2 Timika Market area admit that all this time, the claimants have been asked to own the market in the form of a monthly mandatory fee, as well as an entry fee to sell at that location of Rp1 million per trader.

The Timika Jaya SP2 Market area is located not far from the Mimika Sport Complex sports center area and the Timika Athletes Flat which will hold a number of sports competitions at the XX Papua PON in October 2021.

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