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The Papua Police have not yet announced the suspect for corruption at the Mimika education center

Mimika education center

Timika (ANTARA) – The investigating team at Sub Directorate III / Tipikor of the Papua Police Special Detective and Criminal Directorate has not yet announced the name of the suspect in the alleged corruption case in the management of the SP5 Boarding School Patterned Education Center in Mimika Regency, Papua province for the 2019 fiscal year.

Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Kombes Pol AM Kamal, in Timika, Sunday, said that the investigation of the case is still ongoing at the Papua Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

“It still continues. We’ll see, what is clear is that Reskrimsus will open everything up,” said Kombes Kamal.

The Papua Regional Police, he said, are now paying full attention to the handling of two cases that have caught the attention of the people in Mimika Regency, namely the violation of the ITE Law regarding the dissemination of nasty videos of Mimika community leaders, MM with a woman with the initials AZHB and also the corruption case in managing the Mimika education center.

“I have coordinated with the Reskrimsus Director regarding the two cases that occurred in Mimika Regency. What is clear, everything is still ongoing,” said Kombes Kamal.

Talking about the alleged corruption case for the Cenderawasih Road and 32 Agimuga Mile road widening project for the 2019 fiscal year which was also being investigated by the Papua Police, Kombes Kamal said he did not know in detail.

“Later we will see, what is clear is not to let the news regarding the investigation of this corruption case cause fear among local government officials,” he said.

Even so, Kombes Kamal emphasized that law enforcement officers in the ranks of the Papua Regional Police would certainly investigate seriously if there was misappropriation of state finances if indeed it really existed and was proven.

“If indeed someone is suspected of having committed an illegal act, they will certainly face law enforcement officials. If there is information related to suspected corruption, please inform the law enforcement apparatus to investigate the truth. What is clear is that a criminal act of corruption cannot be committed by only one person, “he explained.

Currently investigators of Subdit III of the Directorate of Criminal and Criminal Investigation of the Papua Regional Police are currently investigating the corruption case of funds for the administration of the Mimika Regency SP5 Dormitory Pattern Education Center for the 2019 fiscal year amounting to Rp. 14,183,983,592 for activities or food and drink spending for students, teachers, dormitory officials and employees.

Of the allocated funds, the realized funds amounted to Rp12,731,255,900, divided into two contracts, namely: Contract Number: 082 / contract-JL / DP / 2019 dated November 26, 2019, amounting to Rp8,056,673,900, and Contract Number: 077 / contract-JL / DP / 2019 dated 2 September 2019 valued at IDR 4,674,582,000.

“Activities or shopping for meals for students, teachers, boarders and employees of the Timika Dormitory Patterned Education Center were not carried out in accordance with the provisions so that it was found that the potential for state financial losses was worth Rp1 billion,” explained Kombes Kamal.

So far investigators have examined 65 witnesses, including the head of the Mimika Regency Education and Culture Office and confiscated at least 55 documents as evidence.

The SP5 Timika Boarding School Patterned Education Center was built in 2005, now accommodating hundreds of students ranging from elementary to high school.

Students who are prioritized for education at the facility are indigenous Papuan children from the Amungme and Kamoro Tribe and five kinship tribes in Mimika Regency, namely Dani, Damal, Nduga, Mee and Moni.

The police noticed an irregularity in the management of the Timika SP5 Dormitory Patterned Education Center after in November 2019 dozens of students experienced food poisoning provided by one of the catering service providers in Timika.

Dozens of students were rushed to Timika Hospital for medical treatment.

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