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Realization of assistance from the Proud Papua Program Rp. 121.5 billion

the Proud Papua Program

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Until mid-November 2020, the Papua Provincial Government has realized social assistance through the Papua Prosperous (Proud) Papua Generation and Family Building Program amounting to IDR121 billion.

“Since the Proud Papua Program was launched in 2017, the Provincial Government has disbursed the social protection program specifically for beneficiaries of indigenous Papuans,” said Chairman of the Joint Secretariat of Proud Papua Papua Province Andri Damir in a webinar of the Program cash assistance reaching remote areas in Jayapura, Monday.

He admitted, in detail, the realization of the program assistance in 2018 was IDR 48.2 billion and in 2019 IDR 73.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the number of beneficiaries of the program, according to Andris Damir, continued to increase in 2018 as many as 23,425 children and in 2019 the number of beneficiaries increased to 31,9127 children.

Andris acknowledged that program beneficiaries are proud of targeting toddlers up to four years of age to improve children’s nutrition and health.

“The program is an initiative of the Papua Provincial Government which aims to improve the quality of the resources of indigenous Papuans through improving children’s nutrition and health,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Councellor of Governance and Human Development Branch of the Australian Embassy Kirsten Bishop expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the program because it directly touched on the special autonomy program for indigenous Papuans.

“We are very grateful that the program can run well because it provides direct assistance to the non-governmental organizations Kompak and Mahkota,” he said.

He hopes that the Proud Papua program will continue to be implemented well because it really touches the needs of indigenous Papuans.

The Director of Poverty Reduction and Community Empowerment at the National Development Planning Agency, Maliki, hopes that the Bangga Papua program will not only implement social assistance programs but improve the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

“The Proud Papua social assistance plan is a real initiative by the Papua Provincial Government to increase the fulfillment of the needs of indigenous Papuans in remote areas,” he said.

The program, according to Maliki, is a pilot for the Papuan provincial government that has been implemented in three districts of Papua Province, including Lanny Jaya, Paniai and Asmat districts.

“With the Papuan Pemprov Papuan Proud program, it is hoped that it can reduce the poverty rate and improve the health and welfare of indigenous Papuans,” Maliki hoped.

The Proud Papua cash assistance is allocated Rp.200,000 per month, especially given to beneficiary families of indigenous Papuan children in three districts, namely Paniai, Lanny Jaya and Asmat districts.

The webinar talk on cash assistance reaching remote areas in Papua Province was carried out by an explanation of the implementation of Program Bangga Papua in the three districts of Paniai, Lanny Jaya and Asmat Regency, opened by the expert staff of Governor Papa Elce P Rumbekwan.

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