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2,834 high school teachers to receive Wage Subsidy Assistance

Teacher’s Wage Subsidy Assistance

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Province Education, Library and Regional Archives Office encourages 2,834 honorary or non-ASN teachers at the high school, vocational and special school levels in their region to receive Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) from the central government through the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Regional Archives Office Christian Sohilait in Jayapura, Tuesday said that based on an analysis of the ideal teacher needs in Cenderawasih Earth as of December 2019, ideally 10,910 while existing ASN teachers were recorded at 4,472, so his party lacks around 6,441 teachers.

“Given the need for these teachers, we recruit and propose there are 2,834 honorary teachers, both those in the dapodik and not, all of whom should receive this assistance,” he said.

According to Christian, as many as 2,834 educators are only at the high school, vocational and special school levels in Papua, while at the PAUD, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school levels, his party is preparing letters to districts and cities in Bumi Cenderawasih.

“This BSU has just been issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia so that this assistance is very appropriate for non-ASN teachers who have been affected by COVID-19,” he said.

He explained that his party really welcomed the policy of helping non-ASN teachers and it was hoped that all honorary teachers in Papua should and should not be ignored.

“We will study this policy and prepare the data needed so that all are accommodated,” he said.

Previously, the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim, in a meeting with Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives said that the plan for honorary or non-ASN educators will have a turn to receive BSU from the government, in addition to having clarity on their employment status.

The target of the BSU is that two million teachers will receive a total budget assistance of IDR 3.6 trillion, of which it is planned that the amount that each non-ASN teacher will receive is IDR 1.8 million which will be given in November 2020.

Not only non-ASN teachers who teach in state schools, but non-ASN teachers in private schools will also get it, while the requirements for non-ASN educators to get BSU are Indonesian citizens, do not receive assistance from the Ministry of Manpower, not ASN, do not participate employee card program and earn below IDR 5 million.

Teacher’s Wage Subsidy Assistance

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