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Allegations of Misappropriation of Special Autonomy Funds of Rp. 1.8 Trillion, Here’s the Clarification of the Papua Provincial Government

Misappropriation of Special Autonomy Funds

By: Makawaru da Cunha I, JAYAPURA – The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) clarified the alleged misappropriation of Special Autonomy funds amounting to Rp 1.8 trillion, as found by the Police Criminal Investigation Unit. Rp. 93 trillion each for Papua and Rp. 33 trillion for West Papua.

Papua Regional Secretary Doren Wakerkwa, SH, in a press statement in Jayapura, Monday (01/03/2021) explained that the management of the Special Autonomy fund has been carried out according to the rules and mechanisms and discussions with the Papua DPR, namely technical guidelines for four priority areas, namely 30 percent education, health 20 percent and the rest for empowerment of the people’s economy and infrastructure.

And Perdasus Number 5 of 2013 concerning the distribution of revenue and management of special autonomy funds as well as financing for district / city strategic programs is still valid.

The total amount of Special Autonomy funds disbursed by the central government to the Papua Provincial Government from 2002 to 2018 is IDR 68,997,474,957,550, with details during the leadership of Governor Jap Solossa – Constan Karma 2002-2005 and Barnabas Suebu – Alex Hesegem 2006-2011 amounting to Rp 27 , 3 trillion. Meanwhile, Lukas Enembe Klemen Tinal in 2013-2018 amounted to IDR 41.6 trillion.

The Papua Provincial Government has succeeded in obtaining WTP opinion from BPK for six consecutive years. Meanwhile, his previous leadership only won WDP or Disclamer.

The distribution of Otsus funds during the leadership of Governor Jap Solossa-Constan Karma and Barnabas Suebu-Alex Hesegem was 60 percent for provinces and 40 percent for districts / cities. While Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal 80 percent for districts / cities and 20 percent for provinces.

Of the 20 percent, it is further divided, namely 10 percent for the religious sector and 10 percent for empowerment activities for indigenous Papuans.

Doren explained that his party had not received an official letter from the central government to check the management of the special autonomy funds. However, he invited the central government to come and examine the management of the Special Autonomy Fund.

“If you want to come, feel free to do it.” There is no problem, because we are not using the Special Autonomy fund wrong, ”said Doren.

According to him, the central government must show indicators of fraud or mistakes committed in the management of the Special Autonomy fund by the Papua Provincial Government.

“If there is an indicator, then we will do it. But so far we have complete data, so we can explain to anyone about the management of special autonomy funds, “he concluded.

“If anyone wants to say that the state loss of Rp. 1.8 trillion is not allowed, because the party using the Special Autonomy fund is not only the governor. But also regents and mayors. But talking like that will build a wrong opinion, “said Doren.

But in principle, said Doren, the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua support the implementation of Otsus volume II in the next 20 years. **

Source of Misappropriation of Special Autonomy Funds news: PAPUA INSIDE

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