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One Papua Separatist Terrorist member was shot when prevented from entering the PT Freeport area

Separatist Terrorist member was shot, TIMIKA – One member of the Armed Criminal Group was reportedly injured after a gun battle between security forces and the group took place on Sunday (28/02/2021) at around 10.30 WIT.

Mimika Police Chief AKBP Adhinata Era told reporters in Timika, Papua Monday (01/03/2021) that the group would enter the PT Freeport Indonesia area to interfere but were prevented by security forces patrolling mile 53.

It was explained that while on patrol, the security forces received shots from across the river, and it was seen that about 6 members of the KKB were carrying one M16 and one AK 47.

“When attacked, the security forces responded with targeted shots, and it appeared that one person was hit,” explained the Kapolres Era.

It said when hit by gunfire, the group fled. “The authorities wanted to chase but were blocked by the river,” he explained.

The shootout, according to Mimika Police Chief Era, did not interfere with the activities of employees in the PT area or the transportation that took employees to Timika and those who went up to Tembagapura.

“The location is far from the settlement and outside the PT Freeport area, they tried to enter from various directions but were successfully blocked by the authorities,” he explained.

Currently, said Kapolres Era, the KKB around Tembagapura separated Joni Botak’s group after the other groups left the area.

The authorities continued to reduce the space for the group to move by patrolling the forest.

Mimika Police Chief Era ensured that the Tembagapura area was under control until the time was safe and appealed to the public to play a role in keeping the situation in the Tembagapura area conducive, and the Indonesian National Police will continue to patrol areas based on intelligence and community information as KKB hiding places. **

Source of Separatist Terrorist member was shot news: PAPUA INSIDE

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