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Professor Hikmahanto Juwana: The TNI’s Decisive Action against Papuan Separatists is Right

Defending state sovereignty

By: Faisal Narwawan, JAYAPURA – Legal expert Professor Hikmanto Huwana SH, LL, M, Ph.D argued, in defending state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the TNI’s firm action against Papuan separatists has been compliant and supported by regulations and laws, so there is no need to hesitate to act on the ground.

He conveyed this when he became Keynote Speakers in a webinar entitled “The Role of the Military in Overcoming Armed Separatist Movements in Internal Armed Conflict according to Humanitarian Law” which took place at the East Jakarta Military Law College (STHM), Thursday (04/03/2021).

The TNI as a means of state defense in dealing with separatists can not only use the TNI Law but can also use the Terrorism Law, because separatist groups are not only targeting TNI and Polri personnel but also civilians and other public facilities.

“There should be no doubts because it has been supported in accordance with regulations and laws,” said Hikmahanto.

Furthermore, the Law Expert and Professor of International Law at the University of Indonesia said that the firm action taken would indeed pose a risk of the possibility of facing national and international exposures, confronted with human rights issues.

“The institutions or institutions supporting the Republic of Indonesia need not be afraid of outside criticism, especially if the criticism comes from separatist groups,” he said.

The same thing was also conveyed by Prof. Dr. FX. Adji Samekto, S.H., M.Hum as a speaker at the webinar.

He said that historically the Papuan separatist movement wanted to break away from Indonesian sovereignty.

Therefore, the steps to present the TNI as enforcers of state sovereignty in the settlement in Papua are appropriate.

“Another right step is being taken to solve it through the Otsus approach in Papua,” concluded Adji Samekto.

The presence of the TNI is also considered appropriate because it is the result of an analysis of the facts and intentions of the problems and has been mutually agreed upon between the executive and legislative branches. **

News of Defending state sovereignty is taken from : PAPUA INSIDE

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