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TNI-Polri ensure safety of people after Papua armed group’s assault

TNI-Polri ensure safety

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A joint team of the Indonesian military and police (TNI-Polri) has continued the hunt for members of the Nau Waker-led armed criminal group and ensured the people’s safety in Puncak District, Papua.

“We will do our best to ensure the people’s security,” a spokesman of the Operation Nemangkawi Senior Commissioner Pol. M. Iqbal Alqudussy noted in a statement here on Friday.

Alqudussy remarked that the joint team had occupied the region under Nau Waker’s control in Tembagapura.

“As the group was cornered, Nau Waker moved to Boega, torched houses and schools, and threatened and extorted local people,” he stated.

Earlier, on Thursday (April 8), the armed criminal group, led by Nau Waker, torched several schools in Julukoma Village, Boega in Puncak District of Papua.

“They also threatened and extorted the residents of Boega,” he remarked.

Nau Waker, a subordinate of the group’s top leader Guspi Waker, has been placed on the list of wanted persons by the Mimika Police since 2018 for various crimes.

In 2018, Nau Waker was involved in the shooting of PT Freeport workers in Mile 69, Tembagapura, in which a WLP vehicle was damaged.

According to the police ballistic laboratory test, Nau Waker’s weapon was a steyr-type rifle.

“Currently, the TNI-Polri personnel involved in the Operation Nemangkawi have continued to hunt down Nau Waker, who fled to Ilaga,” he stated.

On Thursday (April 8) at 9:30 a.m. eastern Indonesian time, the armed group shot dead a civilian Oktovianos Rayo, 42, a teacher living in Julukoma Village, Beoga, Papua.

Rayo was shot twice when he was about to enter his house. Later on in the day, the group torched some schools in the village.

The armed group was hunted down by the joint team in the Operation Nemangkawi in Intan Jaya. 

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Source of TNI-Polri ensure safety news: ANTARA NEWS

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