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In Beoga, the Regent and Danrem Lay the Groundwork for School Building Construction

Groundwork for School Building

By: Faisal Narwawan, BEOGA – Puncak Regency Regent Willem WandiK with Danrem 173 / PVB Biak Brigadier General Iwan setiawan visited Beoga District, Puncak Regency, Papua Province, Thursday (22/4/2021).

In addition to ensuring that the district is conducive again, the regent and commander group also held a dialogue with Beoga residents. Not only that, his party also distributed staple goods to residents and had the opportunity to lay the first stone for the construction of a school building on land near the city of Beoga (Groundwork for School Building ).

In a press statement from the Diskominfo of Puncak Regency, the meeting with local residents was held at the Beoga Airport.

Participating in the delegation of the Regent and Danrem, as well as the Chief of Police Puncak Komol I Nyoman Punia and Dandim Puncak Jaya Lieutenant Colonel Inf Rofi irwansyah.

The community in the dialogue asked the Biak Danrem and the Puncak Regent so that the security forces and the government could guarantee security, so that the security stability conditions in the Beoga District, really recovered as if they were ready to lose.

They hope that economic activities such as Bank Papua can be reopened, as well as education and health care.

One of the midwives at Puskemas Beoga, Erina Murib, admitted that for two weeks the community wanted health and education services, because since the teacher shooting incident, health and education activities have been completely paralyzed.

“We ask that there be security guarantees, so that activities in the Beoga District can return to normal, because people desperately need education and economic health is also not running. The bank is closed, where are we going, even planes are afraid to enter Beoga, so we ask the government to immediately guarantee security for us here, “he hoped.

Responding to the hopes of the Beoga District community, Danrem 173 / PVB Biak Brigadier General Iwan setiawan said that their arrival in the Beoga District was in order to provide a solution, because there were actions from the KKB who came to shoot teachers, burn schools and terrorize the community.

“We came to Beoga to provide a solution, we have visited the location of the scene in Kampong Julokoma, Ambobra village and it is safe,” he said again.

His party has also strengthened Kormail and Polsek in Beoga so that Beoga’s condition can be controlled. Danrem also urges the public not to be afraid to do activities because the TNI / Polri, the local government has guaranteed security.

He said that for the time being, TNI / Polri soldiers were ready to become teachers and were also ready to serve the health of the residents there.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Puncak Willem Wandik said that his presence in Beoga District as a manifestation of the state being present provides a sense of security for the community as well as providing confidence that conditions are safe.

“We instruct wholesale officers to re-open services and ensure that Bank Papua must return to activities, so that the economy can return to normal and more importantly we are laying the first stone for the construction of a school building to replace the old building that was burned down in Julokoma village. We are going to Timika to invite teachers and medical personnel, we will make sure they are safe on duty, even though we admit that they are still traumatized and need time, “he added.

Since the shooting incident of the teacher and the school was burned in Julokoma Village, Beoga on April 9 last week, it has left a deep trauma for local residents, even economic activities, education, government and health services have been completely paralyzed.

Some of the migrant communities have also chosen to flee the district, while only some of the indigenous people have fled their villages out of fear.

The health services at the Beoga Puskemas inpatient which are usually crowded with people since morning are still quiet, in other government service offices only local people can be seen. Security forces are still on guard to ensure security for the local community. **

Groundwork for School Building news source: PAPUA INSIDE

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