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The Regent of Puncak Denies the Narrative of Provocation of the Armed Separatist Group-TNI Polri War

Provocative war narrative, JAYAPURA – Puncak Regent Willem Wandik SE, MSi denied that he had issued statements such as those circulating in many social media and mass media that had provocative tones for the Free West Papua separatist armed group (KSB) and TNI-Polri war.

Narratives that are widely circulating in social media and mass media include “Separatist terrorist is not a man, just a cowardly man” there is also a news entitled Regent of Puncak Papua challenging KKB, if you dare to fight the TNI, KKB is not a man and only a bunch of cowards, There are even posters that read cowardly Free West Papua armed group. If you want war, we will prepare a battlefield.

These narratives were very unfortunate for the Regent because they were broadcast without his permission and also for limited consumption during a meeting at Ilaga with community leaders, religious leaders, women leaders, youth leaders and security forces on April 20, 2021.

It was said that the expressions conveyed in meetings with community leaders, youth and women, religious leaders related to security conditions in Puncak, Ilaga and Beoga districts in the Hall Multipurpose Negelar Building, Ilaga Tuesday, April 20, 2021 then related to several series of shooting and arson incidents, not for consumption by the mass media. The words that were revealed were related to how to provide trouma healing to the residents in everyday language in the context of local languages ​​so that the community members could understand them so that they would no longer be afraid.

“The statements released by certain individuals, which have been published, are completely untrue, because at that time I was a leader while my citizens were afraid, so as a leader I had to reinforce them with words that were easy for them to understand. citizens. I was surprised how come my words without confirming with me the news had come out using my name, “he said.

The Regent said, he was very familiar with the duties of the media, as evidence after the meeting he was also interviewed by certain security forces public relations officers and he thought that the results of the interviews that came out in the media, it turned out that the news published seemed to be the Puncak Regent propagating or advocating for the war between Free West Papua armed group and TNI-Polri.

“If I read the news that has continued to spread, I am also surprised because the leader’s language is different, when I was a civilian who wanted to invite the KSB and TNI / POLRI to war, such a statement that is suitable for speaking is the military general, not me, my job is how to provide a sense of security. for residents after various shooting terror, “he said.

He hopes that the news that has cornered his name will be immediately withdrawn by the media concerned because building in the Puncak area is faced with geographic challenges and security challenges for that, what must be done is how to make the atmosphere in Ilaga and Beoga conducive.

“The news that has been circulating, will be misinterpreted by Papuan observers, grassroots, other parties, because I can be considered a leader who participates in advocating, proclaiming for war, even though I am not like that, I spoke at that time in a local context, in everyday language, so that the people of Puncak can understand, I have to give coolness to the people, “he said.

He emphasized that the news that had continued to circulate that asked the KSB to fight with the TNI / POLRI was not from him, but it was the act of individuals who deliberately wanted to make conditions in Puncak no longer conducive.

“The results of my interview should have finished the activities presented, especially since I also have a public relations team and the media why not coordinate with them, so that the news is published, it will further restore conditions in Puncak to make it more conducive,” he said. ** (Diskominfo Puncak)

Provocative war narrative news source: PAPUA INSIDE

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