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List of Papua Armed Criminal Groups Still Terrorizing Papuans

TRIBUN-PAPUA.COM – Head of the Nemangkawi Law Enforcement Task Force (Gakum), Kombes Faisal Ramadhani, mapped the spread of armed criminal groups (KKB) from small to large groups.

However, for the number of large groups, there are five and each is in a different location.

Generally, these groups stand alone with different organizational structures.

However, there were several groups that coordinated and took joint actions several times.

The areas in question are Puncak (Peak), Nduga, Paniai, Intan Jaya and Mimika regencies.

It is known that the security conditions in Papua are generally considered conducive, but in certain areas, particularly in the central highlands of Papua, the situation has escalated.

“One of the big groups is the Lekagak Telenggen group in Yambi (Peak Regency). After the 2018 action, he shifted to Ilaga,” said Faisal, to, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

Splinter Group

From the Lekagak Telenggen group, explained Faisal, now there are several small groups or what are commonly called splinter groups.

There are at least two Lekagak splinter groups that are now actively carrying out armed actions.

“Then, this group has dispersed, there is the Lerimayu Telenggen group, then Numbuk Telenggen which is now in Ilaga,” he said.

After that, in Paniai, there is a criminal group led by Demianus Magai Yogi.

This group has been on a hiatus from committing crimes for a long time, but is still active.

“Damianus Magai Yogi’s group, he is still active, in the past three years his whereabouts are clear, but he has not taken any action,” said Faisal.

In terms of membership and weapons, Faisal said, the Demianus Magai Yogi group is still dangerous, but its movement is still being monitored by the security forces.

However, this group is actively communicating with criminal group in Intan Jaya.

“They have weapons and members, only they don’t take action. The Paniai group is actively coordinating with the Intan Jaya group, that’s because the distance is close,” he said.

Meanwhile, armed criminal group Intan Jaya itself is under the command of Sabinus Waker.

The group in 2020 was very active in carrying out actions and causing quite a number of casualties, both from security forces and civilians.

“The Intan Jaya group actually has several groups, the active group is Karel Tipagau’s group, then the Sabinus Waker Group as the main group,” said Faisal.

Then, in Nduga there was a armed criminal group led by Egianus Kogoya who had committed the murder of 17 workers at PT Istaka Karya.

Faisal considered that the Egianus group in addition to carrying out acts of armed violence also often carried out propaganda on social media.

This can be done because they have intellectual actors who have never participated in committing criminal acts.

“Then another group that is very active beside the Egianus Kogoya group is Penme Kogoya group. This group has an intellectual actor, it’s Rambo Lokbere, he is the one who connects with the outside world, but he doesn’t join the fight, if Egianus and Penme always take action armed,” said Faisal, who currently also serves as the Direskrimum Polda Papua.

He admitted that the militancy of the Egianus group was difficult to pursue because they really controlled the geographical conditions of Nduga.

In addition, Egianus Kogoya has never left Nduga Regency.

“This group is strategically quite massive, its weapons are quite strong and its militancy is high,” he said.

Lastly, the armed criminal group in Mimika which is located in Tembagapura or in the operational area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia.

This group, led by Johnny Botak, was active in carrying out armed criminal acts in 2020.

“Finally, there is the Tembagapura group, which is actually not very active now, in fact, usually every August 17 they always take action, but for the past two years there has been no action,” he said.

The group’s vacuum was due to the fact that the security forces had paralyzed the intellectual actors who were also the strategic regulators.

“This is because the intellectual actor, Hengki Wanmang, was hit in August 2020, after that their movement automatically almost stagnates,” he said.

In addition to the five major groups that are still active, there are also several groups that used to be very active and were the main targets of the security forces, which are now inactive.

There are at least two groups that are now powerless, namely the Tinggi Nambut Group, Puncak Jaya Regency, led by Goliath Tabuni, and the Kuyawage group, Lanny Jaya Regency, under the command of Purom Okinam Wenda.

Faisal stated, Goliath Tabuni since 2018 has been successfully repelled from Tinggi Nambut and is now detected in Gome District, Puncak Regency.

Only, he made sure Goliath was inactive and chose gardening.

“Goliath Tabuni is still there, but he is no longer active. So, in October 2018 in Tinggi Nambut, we paralyzed 10 troops, he ran from Tinggi Nambut to Gome, he really ran, now he’s just gardening,” said Faisal. .

As for Purom Wenda, Faisal said the person concerned was still in Kuyawage with minimal strength.

The success of the apparatus in arresting the group’s commander of operations is considered to have completely paralyzed the strength of the Purom Wenda group.

Moreover, one of the other figures in the group has died.

“The Purom Wenda group was last active in August 2019. After we took action in Balingga to its headquarters in Kali Mau, at that time quite a lot of them were disabled, quite a lot of weapons were confiscated, since then no action has been taken,” he said. .

“In the past there was Enden Wanimbo but he died, then Oniara Wonda we arrested, this group immediately vacuumed because it was the main shooter or the commander of the operation,” continued Faisal.

Source: Free translation from Tribun Papua

Summary of Papua armed criminal group:

  1. Lekagak Telenggen group in Yambi, Puncak or Peak Regency, since 2018 action, this group shifted to Ilaga with two splinter groups:
    • The Lerimayu Telenggen group in llaga.
    • The Numbuk Telenggen group in Ilaga.
  2. Demianus Magai Yogi group in Paniai, Paniai Regency
  3. Sabinus Waker group in in Intan Jaya, Intan Jaya Regency with its main group:
    • Karel Tipagau group in Intan Jaya
  4. Egianus Kogoya group in Nduga Regency with splinter group Penme Kogoya group and Intellectual propagandist Rambo Lokbere.
  5. Johhny Botak group in Mimika Regency and the Hengki Wanmang group a.k.a Tembagapura group, since the death of Hengki Wanmang this group dissolved.
  6. Inactive armed criminal group:
    • The Tinggi Nambut Group in Puncak Jaya Regency, led by Goliath Tabuni.
    • The Kuyawage group, Lanny Jaya Regency, under the command of Purom Okinam Wenda.


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