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Sagulicious, Processed Variant of Sago Typical of Papua, which is delicious

by: Rochimawati,Diza Liane Sahputri

VIVA – Sago is often the main source of carbohydrates for Papuans, which is different from those on the island of Java who choose rice. Who would have thought, sago is actually rich in vitamins and minerals and can be processed for various types of food.

Yes, the founder of Jenama Sagulicious, Jenny Widjaja, admitted that he was inspired by Papuans who use sago for their daily intake. This is what sparked the Sagulicious idea to promote local Papuan culinary wisdom that is often forgotten.

“The ingredients for sago can be made into barbeque chicken sago macaroni, sago carp noodles with sambal matah to black pepper penne paste,” said Jenny Widjaja when inaugurating the Papua culinary center on the sidelines of the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) online, recently. this.

The sago planted in Papua, said Jenny, has become a hereditary wealth for the family. Unfortunately, the processing of sago in Papua itself is only processed as papeda which is considered less attractive to the wider community.

Sago itself has good properties for health so that it will provide benefits when consumed. “I am interested in processing it without reducing its nutritional value. Sago contains rich nutrients, one of which is resistant starch, which is good for bacteria in the intestines, increases stamina, and cholesterol.

This sago is not polluted, and this sago tree can be harvested for decades,” he said. So it is nutritionally lower than many types of flour such as whole wheat or buckwheat, which usually contain more nutrients, such as protein and B vitamins.

Other preparations that are sometimes made by Jenny include noodles, pasta, macaroni, with red variant spices from natural red fruit coloring. “Each variant tastes different, there is a combination of red fruit (typical of Papua),” he said again.

Establishing Sagulicious made Jenny aspire to introduce processed sago to various types of circles. Moreover, the delicious processed taste and sago that makes you feel full longer are an interesting combination.

“I want sago to be known outside Papua, such as Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra and other Indonesia. Sago has many advantages, such as being easily digested by the large intestine and immediately giving energy,” said Jenny.

“And now in this moment of PON XX Papua, we all make Jenama Sagolicious as a gift for athletes or contingents from all over Indonesia,” he said.

In the same vein, the Head of the Cendrawasih Military Command XVII Cendrawasih Colonel Arief Novianto who stopped at the Jenama Sagolicious stand said processed sago could be a variant of a typical Indonesian menu. That way, people will know sago better. “It turns out that sago can not only be made papeda but can be made in other ways as well,” he said.

Source: Viva

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