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Airnav Evacuates Personnel Out of Intan Jaya Papua after Separatist Terrorist Group Burned Office

AirNav Office at Sugapa Airport burned by separatist terrorist group in Intan Jaya

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – AirNav Bilorai will evacuate all of its personnel from the Intan Jaya Papua area to Nabire or Timika. This withdrawal was carried out after the AirNav office at Sugapa Airport, Intan Jaya, was burned by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), Friday, October 29, 2021.

“For flight navigation services, we will immediately implement TIBA (Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft) flight procedures at Sugapa Airport to ensure the continuity of flight operations,” said AirNav Indonesia Public Relations Manager Yohanes Sirait on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

The AirNav office burning incident occurred on Friday afternoon. The incident resulted in damage to buildings and several flight navigation facilities.

AirNav ensured that all three AirNav Bilorai personnel were safe. All personnel have been evacuated to the church by the local community. Yohanes said, AirNav focuses on the safety of navigation service personnel.

“After conditions improve, we will conduct a thorough inspection of all office facilities. But the focus now is on the safety of our personnel,” he said.

The Nabire Branch AirNav will coordinate with all aviation stakeholders to gather information about the latest conditions in Intan Jaya.

Source: Tempo

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