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PLN Peduli Encourages Preservation of Papuan Cultural Arts through Multisectoral Cooperation

The signing of the handover of assistance for the construction of the Reymay Studio theater from PLN UIP Maluku Papua worth Rp. 100 million. (Photo: Special)

Jayapura – In order to create a creative space for Papuan youth, PLN Peduli initiated a multi-sector collaboration to preserve arts and culture by handing over funds for the construction of an arts and culture theater at the Hirosi Sentani Nature Park, Jayapura, amounting to Rp. 100 million.

Extracurricular activities in the form of traditional dance, ethnic music and knitting noken managed by Sanggar Reymay are integrated with Hirosi Nature School which now has 115 students.

The PLN Peduli program, which was initiated by the PLN Maluku Papua Development Parent Unit (UIP), stems from the great potential of the City and District of Jayapura, which are often lined up as hosts for various national grand events.

“In every big event, an art and culture demonstration is usually required. Activities like this can ultimately have an impact on the preservation of arts and culture in Papua,” said Reisal Rimtahi Hasoloan as General Manager of PLN UIP Maluku Papua.

“For this reason, we are working with the Hirosi Nature Lovers Group which houses the Reymay Studio and the Hirosi Nature School to create a young generation of Papuans who love art, culture and nature,” he said.

Meanwhile, Marshall Suebu as Chair of the Nature Lovers Club or CPA Hirosi said, Sanggar Reymay took part in the 2021 PON XX event, especially during the opening ceremony.

“We use some of the profits from this involvement to finance the construction of cultural arts theaters while hoping that there will be help from other parties, because we don’t have a training ground yet, especially to perform,” he said.
“Thanks to the attention of PLN Peduli, we hope that the construction of this theater can facilitate the preservation of arts and culture in Papua,” continued Marshall.

To maximize this cultural arts preservation effort, PLN and CPA Hirosi will collaborate with various parties such as PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), the Papua Natural Resources and Conservation Center (BBKSDA), the Papua Forestry and Environment Service and the Jayapura Regency Government.

The dancers from the Reymay Studio, Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua. (Photo: Special)

“Some time ago PT Angkasa Pura I had established communication with us expressing their interest in presenting an art and cultural demonstration at Sentani Airport,” said Marshall.

He said that he had received attention from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry by being invited to demonstrate the process of making noken bags in Jakarta in December last year.

“This year, with the existence of cultural arts theater supported by PLN Peduli, we can hold annual events such as Noken Day with performances of traditional dances and ethnic music. Now we are confident enough to invite various stakeholders to these events and get more attention,” Marshall added.

Sanggar Reymay is an informal school combined with Hirosi Nature School. Teaching and learning activities are held at the Hirosi Nature Park located at the foot of the Cycloop Mountain on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after formal school hours, and Saturdays from the morning. The students who joined came from elementary school to college age. (red)

Source: Pacific Pos

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