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Chief of the Keerom Tribe: They Want to Destroy Papua

The indigenous people of Keerom, Papua, oppose the existence of the KKB, KNPB, and ULMWP. Photo: Ridwan/, JAYAPURA – The rise of peaceful demonstrations in Papua Province against government policies regarding Special Autonomy (Otsus) and the establishment of New Autonomous Regions (DOB) has invited reactions from indigenous peoples in Papua.

The head of the Keerom Tribe, Herman Yoku, firmly expressed his support for all policies of the central government.

“What the government is planning is the best step for Papua, so no one should argue,” said Herman Yoku.

He emphasized that a handful of people who oppose the state by carrying the name of the Papuan people should not be taken for granted as the aspirations of the Papuan people.

It was emphasized that the actions carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), did not represent the voice of the people in Papua.

“KNPB, ULMWP, and KKB are not representatives of the Papuan people, they are groups that want to disrupt security in Papua,” he said.

Herman asked all elements in Papua to join hands to build for prosperity.

“Otsus and DOB are for us, this policy is a form of government concern for Papuans,” he said.

He also advised in the holy month of Ramadan that all people should respect each other. (mcr30/jpnn)

Source: JPPN

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