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Indonesia allows US congressman to visit Papua

A very good start of being open and honest to international community has been showed by Indonesian government. As an opening stage we can not expect that it will satisfy all parties regarding Papua’s issue, especially for all political and economical opportunist abroad. They always try to manipulate any positive efforts in Papua.

I personally not in the position to create more complicated problem in Papua, I believe that Indonesia should take gradual step in order to develop Papua, including the transparency of Papua development. We can not close Papua’s door only to protect the mismanagement problem and other problems such as environment, human rights, poverty, health, prosperity, democracy, relations among the tribes, reconciliation, and the future of Papua.

Then…what should be done by Indonesian government ? I would say that Indonesian government should prepare for the next step after allowing US Congressman Eni Faleomavaega visited Papua.

Here is the news….

Nov 28, 2007
JAKARTA (AFP) — A US congressman who once supported separatism for Indonesia’s Papua has been permitted to visit the province to meet with local government members and Papuan people, a policeman said Wednesday.

US Democrat congressman Eni Faleomavaega visited Indonesia in July after he changed his position on separatism, but the congressman was still not permitted to travel there.

Foreign diplomats, journalists and rights workers must obtain permission to visit Papua, where a low-level separatist insurgency has rumbled for decades and activists claim Indonesia’s military has carried out human rights abuses.
Local policeman, Aloysius Kowinet, told AFP that Faleomavaega had arrived on Tuesday for a two-day visit and would meet with the Papuan governor, lawmakers and other Papuans.

“All the meetings will take place in Jayapura,” the provincial capital, Kowinet said, adding that Faleomavaega would be escorted by police throughout his stay for his security reasons.

Indonesia’s defence minister Juwono Sudharsono was quoted by the online Detikcom news portal as saying that the objective of the congressman’s visit was “to see that Papua’s condition is not as bad as previously reported by NGOs (non-government organisations) in the United States.”

Faleomavaega said during his last visit, when he met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, that he was encouraged by the nation’s commitment to address the needs of people in the troubled region.

Indonesia has fought numerous insurgencies since its independence in 1945 to remain intact.

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