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Immoral threat to Free West Papua

I would say a childish threat from someone who call himself  Mr. Jeremy Beadle to Free West Papua Blog is immoral (link :  Mr. Jeremy Beadle comment in article entitled Honesty is always the best policy).

As a poor ordinary person, I covered nothing but the truth from environmental issue, natural disaster, human rights abuses, political repression, political opportunist, freedom movement, pro – independence, pro-integration,  and it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between them.  As I covered political process, I found myself drawn, because I saw the impact that it had on people’s lives – from the Indonesian security policy and from the separatism perspectives. While most journalists become cynical about politics, I had the opposite experience – I found myself inspired by the good people I met from both papuan leaders in West Papua and Papua provinces. I also try to contact Papuan independence leaders, including foreign provocateurs such as Mr, Richard Samuelson from UK and Joe Collins from Australia, but none of them are willing to have an open online discussion.

Some people in the Indonesian government sometimes love to grumble about the latest headline or the way a story is written in my blog, surprisingly those who support independence are also complain about my blog. What should be done? Should I keep my mouth shut?

We should recognize the vital importance of a free press to a free society. Maybe only in the US that we can have a real free press, as a popular quote: “There is no more important pillar of democracy than a free and active press.”

Freedom of the press is often called the First Freedom, and for good reason. — in effect, it protects freedom of thought and expression. A free press is indispensable to a vigorous debate in West Papua issue. Journalists expose corruption and crime, and shine a spotlight on human rights abuses. Perhaps for those very reasons, we are living in a time of great danger for journalists around the world – they are at greater risk than ever of being threatened, jailed or killed- the threats come from a variety of places — organized crime, by terrorists, narco-traffickers, even sometimes by governments themselves. Once again, it is no a surprise, the political opportunist who suppot Papuan independence are also threatening the freedom of speech.

This disturbing trend should set off alarm bells — and a much louder international outcry.

Both Indonesian military and Papuan Independence Movement are suck and never care about the life of ordinary people in West Papua and Papua provinces.

My impartiality is simply a threat to both side Indonesian Military and Free Papua Movement.

I don’t have much money to manage my own professional website in order to voice my consciousness. In contrast, both the government of Indonesia and Free Papua Movement are rich enough to create their own propaganda in the internet. If will silence my individual ordinary voice, there is nothing I can do but bury myself in silence and the world will never hear my consciousness again.

Silencing journalists – whether they write from Internet cafes, in literary journals, or newspapers – has a chilling effect. I can see how mad Indonesian governemnt to my blog when I wrote about cholera outbreak, the shooting opinus tabunihuman rights report on West Papua, and especially the article of the hardliners in Papua as my foundation perspective. I also can see now how bad is the independence movement reaction to my blog, they are so angry when I disclose the secret of Papuan political opportunist like the criminal Benny Wenda and the provocateur Richard Samuelson. Please correct me and criticize my blog openly through your own fancy and expensive website.

Stifling reports about cases of HIV/AIDS increases the risk for not only people in West Papua, but also people in every country. Killing personal blog who investigate the the case in West Papua proportionally, encouraging the misunderstanding of Papuan people and the problem within. Assassinating personal blog who unmask government misdeeds allows corruption to grow and impact an expanding circle of businesses and individuals.

What should we all do?

Thank you.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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  2. The awareness of freedom of speech is rising and people are taking them a lot more seriously than they ever have before and that’s what’s important to all of us.

  3. All bloggers who believe in their right to free speech, freedom of expression and justice will support you. We’re not the same voice but we’re one !

  4. Pingback: Rcihard Green
  5. i like their spirit to freedom, but i cannot agree with their racist attitude. they criticize racism and oppression but they’re racists themselves. so, bye, i will not back racist hordes from papua. better live peacefully here, UK.

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