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Thomas Eppe Safanpo: Racism Issue

Racism issue in West Papua

Thomas Eppe Safanpo (Deputy Regent of Asmat, Papua) stated that in his experience in Solo there had never been racist treatment that was open to Papua, but there were expressions and silly questions and language expressions implying something strange. Such question sometime been seen as degrading. He also said that he had received racist acts in Malang, while watching a soccer game he was called: “ketek” or “monkey”. Sometimes there are some things considered racist, for him it depends on the interpretation of each person who is different.

In December 2019 the Asmat Citizens made a peaceful declaration in response to separatism, this declaration was urged by Asmat figures because the aftermath of the Surabaya case done to reject separatism and radicalism.

According to him the beginning of riots in the Papua region usually begins with a peaceful demonstration. He stated that racism arises because there is a level of superiority based on skin color, but Indonesia, according to him, is a single united nation (bhinneka tunggal ika) with various skin colors. According to him how to respond to racism does not have to be riots.

Safanpo also commented on the education system in Papua. He said education in Papua must be arranged first so that it can produce a good generation to develop the Papua region. He said that the mindset of Papuans must be changed so that Papuan graduates not always think that they must be absorbed in the civil servant sector. In addition, Papuan human resources must have qualified competitiveness and the answer is the education itself.

Source: Kompas TV

West Papua Blog highly appreciates Thomas calm comment about Racism issue in West Papua.

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