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Horticulture Office Absorbs Papuan Farmers’ Agricultural Products

SENTANIPapua – In order to absorb the agricultural products of Papuan farmers in the Sentani region, the Jayapura Regency Food Crops and Horticulture Office (TPH) facilitated the sale of agricultural products in the form of vegetables, fruits from local farmers in Jayapura through the Farmers Market in the Jayapura Regent Office Complex on Friday ( 3/7).

Head of Jayapura Regency’s Food Crops and Horticulture Office, David A. Zakaria, S.Pt said, various food crop products sold came from local farms in several areas in Jayapura Regency.

He said, the Farmers Market held by his office was quite successful in absorbing the food products of local farmers.

“Food products in the form of 450 bunch of fresh vegetables, 60 kg of fruits and 850 kg of red and white rice, all sold out,” David A. Zakaria told reporters at Sentani, Friday (3/7).

David Zakaria admitted that he held the Farmers Market as an effort to facilitate and help promote and market local farmers’ products in Jayapura Regency.

Another goal is to get closer between farmers as producers and consumers. In addition, with the holding of the Farmers Market it is expected that long market chains can be broken and consumers can obtain a reasonable purchase price.

“To get a good market opportunity, we try to bring back the Farmers Market that we are close to the work environment of Jayapura Regency. One of the goals is so that our farmers get a definite price, “he said.

He added, Farmers Market will be held once every two weeks. Food products sold in the form of fresh vegetables such as mustard greens, spinach, water spinach, chili and others, as well as fruits such as watermelons, melons, papaya, snake fruit and dragon fruit.

“We from the TPH Service only facilitate the place and process of transportation. This food product is harvested by farmers in Dobonsolo Village, Yahim Village and Komba Village, “he explained.

For food products in the form of organic rice, David said is the result of the harvest of farmers’ groups in Kampung Karya Bumi. He continued, the superior varieties of organic rice were red and white rice.

“Organic rice commodities are also sold out. This organic rice produced by our farmers in Karya Bumi, brown rice and white rice are our superior varieties in Karya Bumi. Rice is sold around 850 kg, “he concluded. (Roy / tho)

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