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Special autonomy is important for the development of Papua

Special autonomy is important.

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Head of Keerom Regency Student, Ayub Biuk, assessed that the continuation of the Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) is important for Papua Province in accelerating development in all fields, especially education.

“Otsus is now in the spotlight among Papuan intellectuals, but it should be noted that Otsus is very important for human resource development, especially education,” he said when contacted from Jayapura City, Thursday.

According to him, the narrative of the failure of Otsus that was echoed by a number of parties was actually a turning point from the policymakers’ lack of understanding in addressing the overall meaning and purpose of Otsus.

“An example of a case related to education, in the Special Autonomy law, it is clear that it prioritizes Papuan children who have a weak economic background, while in reality most children who use Otsus are the children of officials,” he said.

However, said Ayub, Otsus was considered a failure not as a whole, but rather a misunderstanding by regional officials in implementing the budget in many fields which were considered not on target.

“It is the mentality of the high-ranking officials that we should be able to fix, because they are the ones behind the issue of rejecting Special Autonomy,” he emphasized.

Representing the Keerom community, Ayub said that the development of development in the area was mostly financed by the Special Autonomy Fund so that the continuation of Otsus was considered very important.

“As long as I studied the Special Autonomy Law, I have never come across a word related (when) to the end of Otsus itself, but we have high hopes that this special policy will remain a priority for us by the central government,” he hoped.

The above news shows that special autonomy is important.

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