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The Vice Regent, Piter Gusbager, encourages Keerom to become self-sufficient in food

Keerom become self-sufficient in food

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Deputy Regent (Wabub) of Keerom, Papua, Piter Gusbager, is committed to supporting his region to become self-sufficient in food, especially rice through a partnership program with cooperatives.

Speaking to ANTARA in Jayapura, Wednesday, the Deputy Head of Piter said it was the government’s duty to serve the community and its partners.

He explained that the Pelangi Papua Cooperative’s primary rice warehouse in Arso Swakarsa-Yuwanain is one of the partners in supporting and fostering farmers to own rice fields and successfully supporting the creation of Keerom as a rice granary and even rice self-sufficiency.

“Pelangi Papua Cooperative is committed to supporting our vision, namely the creation of a rice granary and food self-sufficiency in general, including local foods such as sago, sweet potatoes and bananas,” he said.

Piter believes that Keerom is supported by the enthusiasm of committed young people, the theme of Advanced Indonesia will also make this region more advanced.

“I support the primary rice warehouse for Pelangi Papua Cooperative as well as farmers and farmer groups, local organic rice and seeds without chemicals and bleach, so rice and rice seeds of the Trisakti variety can be obtained today,” he said.

Deputy Regent of Keerom, Piter Gusbager, on Tuesday (18/8) visited the Primary rice warehouse for Pelangi Papua Cooperative, on Jalan Poros Arso Swakarsa-Yuwanain.

Meanwhile, Sudiono, Head of the Pelangi Papua Cooperative Primary Rice Warehouse, said that the purpose of this partnership was to create jobs and at the same time turn the region into a rice granary that supports national food security. In addition, to tackle food shortages in Papua and Indonesia.

“Through cooperatives, we continue to nurture people so that they can and have the ability to plant rice, creating the next generation who continues to plant rice. We will foster farmers from seeds, planting methods, care to production and marketing,” he said.

In the future, he said, the plan is that in other locations in Skanto and Kriku, East Arso, there will already be hundreds of hectares of rice fields with a total of about 60 farmers in Kriku and 225 farmers in Skanto.

“Although the results have not covered the production costs, this proves that the rice production produced from the Pelangi Papua program is supported by the Deputy Regent of Keerom and the National Food Resilience Foundation,” he added.

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