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Prioritize the socialization of public awareness of COVID-19

Public awareness of COVID-19

Wamena (ANTARA) – The Regent of Jayawijaya, Papua Province, Jhon Richard Banua, said that the prevention measures for COVID-19 are more about socializing to make the public aware, or not by imposing sanctions for violators of health protocols using masks.

Jayawijaya Regent Jhon R Banua in Wamena, Monday, said that the personal awareness of each community to prevent COVID-19 takes precedence over having to apply sanctions.

“So if we give a regulation that there is a sanction, but when in front of the sanctioner, the community looks obedient but behind the community they don’t wear a mask, it is the same as prevention does not work. So the important thing is socialization for public awareness,” he said.

Jhon said there had not been any discussions with the forkopimda regarding the application of sanctions in the region.

“If there is a sanction, there must be a step first. We have to have a meeting with the muspida, coordinate with the DPRD to set a rule,” he said.

He said the number of COVID-19 patients in Jayawijaya had decreased every day. The reduction in number occurred because the government placed health workers at Sentani Airport, which is the entrance for people to districts in the central highlands of Papua, including Jayawijaya.

“We thank God that with us opening a post in Sentani, the COVID-19 here has decreased, now only three patients are left,” he said.

According to Jhon, the three COVID-19 positive patients who are currently undergoing treatment at Wamena Hospital, all of them are patients who came from outside Jayawijaya, who were detected when they arrived by plane at Wamena Airport.

“The three all came from outside Jayawijaya or from Jayapura who came to work, but the conditions were just right at the airport, we followed up it turned out to be positive so they were treated,” he said.


Public awareness of COVID-19 in Papua and West Papua is the key to prevent COVID-19 pandemic becomes out of control.

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