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Special Autonomy in Port Numbay

Special Autonomy in Port Numbay

Jayapura (West Papua Blog), special autonomy (Otsus) for Papua Province continues to be debated, the pros and cons that continue to occur in society have made community leaders in Papua speak up.

One of them is a community leader from Port Numbay (Jayapura City), Yohanis Udam who said that Otsus really helps the community in development in Papua, especially in the Port Numbay area.

“We strongly agree that Otsus will continue, we oppose those who are opposing and do not want Otsus Papua to continue,” he said.

Yohanis hopes that the people of Port Numbay will jointly develop Papua to be more advanced and prosperous.

Previously, the Chairperson of the Papuan People’s Assembly, Timotius Murib, emphasized that the institution he leads rejects the sustainability of the Special Autonomy law which is widely called Otsus Volume II.

Timotius Murib

The reason for the rejection, was because the central government only saw in terms of the funds disbursed, without seeing the authority which was actually the right of the government and the people of Papua

“The MRP basically appreciates the policy of the Central Government which has paid attention to the Papuan people, but today the satisfaction from the inner OAP (native Papuan) is not enough. This is because the central government looks more closely at the funds, ”complained Timotius when he was interviewed by reporters after attending a meeting to discuss Otsus with Fokopimda Papua, members of the Indonesian Parliament and DPD, in Jayapura.

According to him, the Papuan government does not demand funds from the Special Autonomy Law but rather the authority to carry out every article in the Special Autonomy Law.

Hopefully, Timotius Murib will soon realise the importance of special autonomy. As for special autonomy in Port Numbay, we can trust the opinion of Yohanis Udam that special autonomy really helps the community in development in Papua, especially in the Port Numbay area.

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