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West Papua supports special autonomy volume-2

West Papua supports special autonomy is verified by many West Papuan leaders, so the so called rejection of special autonomy is only an evil propaganda by supporters of Free West Papua.

by Imanuel Yenu (Red and White Movement)

MANOKWARI – Imanuel Yenu, the executive of the West Papua Province red and white movement, has paid attention to the current situation and condition of Papua at the end related to special autonomy (Otsus). I gave a little information to the community about special autonomy itself.

That the state has given special autonomy to the people in the land of Papua because the Papua region needs to be more advanced and faster in development so that special autonomy is needed.

Special autonomy in Papua has been running for almost 20 years since it was established in 2001, special autonomy with the aim of lifting the dignity in the land of Papua and since special autonomy was rolled out I give information that special autonomy has had a good impact on our society in the land of Papua. We can see Papua before special autonomy and Papua after special autonomy, after special autonomy development in Papua So fast in Papua and West Papua Provinces, especially in West Papua we can see for ourselves in Manokwari, in Sorong and other districts.

Before autonomy existed especially we are so left behind and with the existence of special autonomy we are so free that large-bodied aircraft can enter Manokwari, Sorong and load Papuan children out of the region to enjoy education in other Indonesia.In terms of education, Papuan people can enjoy education that was previously difficult for us to reach. we can reach out but also with the Pro Pinsi West Papua there is a Papuan state university which today also gives birth to Papuan children, education is no longer something that is rare in this land but becomes easily accessible to Papuan children.

Likewise, in terms of health, many hospitals that were left behind in facilities are gradually being improved and the children of Papua can enjoy because of what good health facilities are.

Also, the economic development of the people in the community may also have room to do business. Today many Papuan businessmen are born, in the era before Otsus, there were no Papuans who became entrepreneurs, but after autonomy many Papuans rose to become entrepreneurs, people need to know that the benefits of otsus that is extraordinary for the people of Papua.

From the education side, from the infrastructure side, from the health side and from the social economy side, it was born differently from before the special autonomy.

We realize that there are still shortcomings in the management of Otsus, but let’s fix it slowly.

We can imagine for ourselves what if the otsus did not exist, if the otsus did not exist it would have a wide impact on the Papuan people.

Today, with Otsus, we have a governor and deputy governor, who are native Papuans, with the presence of Otsus, there is a DPR, the appointment of the Otsus route, there is also the MRP assembly of the Papuan people which is a product of Otsus.

We can imagine that if there is no otsus, it means that we are implementing a law that takes place nationally, it means that anyone from Sumatra, from Maluku, from Java from Madura, from Kalimantan may come here to be the governor of this place and the deputy governor as well as the DPR. the appointment of Otsus is no longer there, the MRP is not there anymore.

This is a loss for us, so in my opinion it may not be the time for us to reject special autonomy, it is absolutely necessary that we implement laws that are National in nature, but for Papua, the implementation of laws that are National in nature may be patient first we continue with Otsus first so that it gives us space to develop first because if we reject the special autonomy system it means that we will implement the national law in a condition where the Papuan people are not ready to compete. This national competition will be a loss on our part.

We just take the example of yesterday’s recruitment of employees who were online, many Papuans did not pass the selection, there were protests where it was a result of that, that we were not ready to reject Otsus, we still have to be in Otsus and this Otsus is something good, good thoughts of the state for how to uplift Papuans.

So I hope all of you to consider well, even if there are shortcomings in Otsus, let us not refuse, but let us have one heart with one mind to improve it well so that Otsus in the future will have more impact on the Papuan people.

We cannot refuse the good intentions of the state for the Papuan people, this is something good, the state has given us the authority, let’s use it well, we do not return to blame the state that the state did not succeed in giving authority, this is wrong that the state has given authority to The governor, the authority for the DPR, the authority for the MRP to regulate all of this.

So let us use this authority, the state will not interfere in our business anymore, we take care of all the countries, give us space to use it properly, do not return to blame the state that the state did not properly manage us, we were wrong.

So let’s manage it well, if there are shortcomings of Otsus. I also admit that Otsus has shortcomings but we don’t necessarily reject them, but let’s fix the existing shortcomings for a better Papua.

Maybe that is what we can say as a consideration but also motivation for how Papua is better in the future. (Manet)

Please find the original article of West Papua supports special autonomy here. West Papua supports special autonomy should be appreciated and respected by all stakeholders in West Papua.

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