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Evaluation of Special Autonomy

Evaluation of special autonomy

Jayapura, Wamena Youth Leader, Septianus Aspelak stated that the Central Government has provided a large amount of the budget in realizing the Special Autonomy in the Papua Province.

In this case, he also asks that there are efforts / actions that need to be taken regarding the implementation of Otsus which has been running for about 20 years.

“The government must immediately took action by evaluating the distribution of the special autonomy funds,” he explained.

He also thought that Otsus has a good purpose for the people in Papua Province.

“Otsus is a form of Government’s attention to us Papuans so that the attention of the Government in this case Otsus will be continued immediately and we hope that if the special autonomy is continued so that the government can assist and ensure that the distribution of Otsus is directly in the hands of the community,” he explained.

He wants the special autonomy in Papua to be continued immediately by continuing to carry out an evaluation by the Government on the use of the special autonomy budget that has been going on so far, so that it can be seen whether the special autonomy budget has been used so far has been on target or not.

It was mentioned that if you work using an institution, it will be easier because it involves many members than the special committee, but said Thomas for a big problem, a special committee needs to be formed and in the special committee itself, there are not only DPR members but four DPR leaders in it so you can say that the institution is also the one that work.

“If you think you are capable, then please join in and that is where you will see your role to fight for the aspirations of the community,” he appealed.

A similar sentiment was conveyed by a member of Commission IV from the PKB Party, Orgenes Kawai. He was of the opinion that it was inappropriate in the internal of the DPR to issue an opinion to eliminate the Special Autonomy Special Committee, because all worked with their respective roles.

“I think I don’t have the heart to say that the special committee will be eliminated because this tool is an institution’s decision, so it should be carried away,” he said.

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