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Arowi community leader supports the continuation of special autonomy

Arowi supports special autonomy

MANOKWARI, West Papua – The central government has provided a huge special autonomy (Otsus) fund with the aim of making the entire Papuan community prosperous, however, until now many people have not felt the Special Autonomy Fund and are even impressed that the Special Autonomy Fund only provides welfare for some people, especially officials.

Community leader of Arowi, Soleman Korwa hopes that the central government will investigate the use of the Special Autonomy Fund which for 20 years has been given to local governments, so that if there is Special Autonomy Volume 2 it will not be misused again, and can be enjoyed by all levels of Papuan society such as village funds provided. by President Jokowi, the allocation is in accordance and clearly with the goals and hopes of the community.

Of course it supports Government policies, including the plan to extend Otsus Volume-2, but it is highly hoped that the Special Autonomy Fund is managed in accordance with the objective of the welfare of the entire Papuan people.

I hope that the Special Autonomy Fund can be managed like a village fund, so that it cannot be manipulated anymore. This is because the program is not transparent to what kind of society. If it is transparent there will be no lies between us anymore, between the managers, programs and the government.

Currently, what touches and is real for the community is the village funds, because currently village funds can be directly managed by the village officials for the local community, and can also be managed by the village community itself, so that currently only village funds are beneficial and felt by the whole community. in the interior.

The people of Manokwari should not be influenced by issues that can divide brotherhood, unity and integrity between communities. Moreover, to carry out demonstrations with unclear and irresponsible objectives, which can disturb the peace of the community and can make the entire community suffer especially harming themselves.

Let the young and future youths of the nation, keep the integrity of the land of Papua full of peace. (Manet)

Representing by its community leader, Soleman Korwa, we can say that Arowi supports special autonomy.

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Source: free translation from channel-Indonesia

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