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Interactive dialogue on the safe and peaceful regional elections

Safe and peaceful regional elections

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Regional Police’s Public Relations Division held an interactive police dialogue greeting at RRI Nusantara V Jayapura with the theme of creating a safe, peaceful and cool regional election in Papua.

The interactive dialogue presented resource persons from the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Pol Ahmad Musthofa Kamal and KPU Papua commissioner Zufri Abubakar guided by Arull Firmansyah.

The Head of Public Relations of Polda Papua said that the situation of the social security and the potential disturbances faced in this past week was quite conducive, this of course has been anticipated by ranks in all polres from 11 districts that will carry out simultaneous regional elections on December 9, 2020.

“It is known that the series of election stages starting from candidate registration, medical examinations and administration can run well until a permanent candidate for regents and deputy regents will be determined in 11 districts on September 24, 2020, so we must protect this situation together,” he said.

For this reason, he said, the police appealed to all components of society and stakeholders in the Papua region, especially in the 11 districts that will carry out regional elections to jointly create a security and social security situation.

“Because this time, the security process at the election stage is different from the implementation of the previous election, we are currently in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic which is the concern of all parties, so the implementation of health protocols is important to jointly prevent the transmission of the corona virus in the Papua region so that it does not spread and can coped well, “he said.

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Kombes Pol Kamal said that during this pandemic, open meetings were limited to 100 people and closed meetings was limited to 50 people, so it should be guided together so that the transmission of the COVID-19 virus can be prevented.

“We, the Police and the TNI were ordered by the President to prevent transmission of the virus. Like today, the police are also distributing masks throughout Indonesia to prevent COVID-19 and the Papua Regional Police to distribute 286,000 masks which were distributed in Taman Imbi but still pay attention to the COVID-19 health protocol. , “he said.

Regarding law enforcement by Gakkumdu, said Kamal, related to COVID-19 still adhered to the health protocol handled by the COVID-19 Task Force.

“We have also prepared Police personnel assisted by the TNI for security in each region to guard the course of the democratic process so that it can run smoothly, safely and smoothly without anarchism,” he said.

At that moment, Kamal also revealed that of the 11 districts that carried out the pilkada, there were several districts that were prone to conflict, but this had been mapped.

“Therefore, all parties, both KPU organizers, Bawaslu and Polri-TNI as well as the entire community must support the running of the democratic process well so that later the election can run smoothly, smoothly and peacefully in Papua,” said Kamal.

Meanwhile, Zufri said, currently the KPU is carrying out the stages of medical examinations for prospective pairs of candidates at the Jayapura Hospital Dok II.

“We are verifying the requirements for candidates as they are currently underway. Until now, the election process is running well and the KPU is also backed up by the security forces of the National Police-TNI,” he said.

Regarding the prevention of COVID-19, Zufri said that in each PKPU regulation, then a circular from the KPU, as well as KPU decrees, are all about health protocols.

“The KPU prepares PPE for PPD PPS, KPPS and gives voters who come to the polling stations in the form of masks according to health protocols. We also always socialize creating a safe and peaceful Pilkada in Papua,” he said.

Pilkada is said to be democratic if the organizers of the elections can work in accordance with the principles of free democratic and transparent elections and be carried out directly free of honest secrets.

Pilkada is also said to be successful and successful if it is carried out with maximum socialization, and finally the pilkada is said to be safe and peaceful if moral ethics and honesty can be embedded in election organizers.

“Pilkada can also be successful because there are three major components that cannot be separated, namely the government, TNI-Polri, and KPU and Bawaslu organizers who work together to carry out in accordance with the rules and laws,” he said.

Source of Safe and peaceful regional elections news: ANTARA Papua

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