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The Papua Provincial Government will immediately discuss the results of the Special Autonomy study

Special autonomy study

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) will immediately discuss the results of the Cenderawasih University (Uncen) study related to special autonomy (Otsus).

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, in Jayapura, Thursday, said that in the results of the study, there were three components compiled in the draft of the Special Autonomy Law, namely special autonomy, pemekaran and the truth and reconciliation commission (KKR).

“We will conduct discussions to study the results of the study to be further formulated before proceeding to the center,” he said.

According to Lukas, of course there is the best solution for the problems in Papua, where if the central government had previously received the Otsus Plus that had been proposed by the Papua Provincial Government, there would probably be no problems.

In line with Lukas Enembe, Melkias Hetaria, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Cenderawasih University said, regarding the formation of a truth and reconciliation commission that has been mandated in Article 46 of the Special Autonomy Law, in order to resolve human rights violations in Papua, a TRC team will be formed through a presidential decree or regulation. the president through the proposal of the Governor of Papua.

“This has been reviewed by the academic team and has been conveyed, where the contents of the draft itself are related to reconciliation and resolution of Papuan human rights violations through the truth commission, whose job is to uncover the truth and create reconciliation,” he said.

He explained that this is very important, the article is that there can be no reconciliation without revealing the truth, so that this is what is brought to the governor, and it all depends on what kind of center, in the future it will be reviewed.

Basirohmana, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Cenderawasih University, said that the revision of the Special Autonomy Law by the central government is only limited, which is related to the budget (Article 34 paragraph 3 letter e), but may also be opened with a partial revision.

“This means that changes to the Special Autonomy Law may be made, but not more than 50 percent, but there are other wishes, as expressed by Governor Lukas Enembe, where Papua can make a total revision (as a whole) while still observing other principles, objectives and principles that is in the Act, “he also said.

Special autonomy study

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