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Papua Special Autonomy Fund Has Not Been Evaluated

Evaluation of Papua Special Autonomy

INILAHCOM, Jakarta – Chairman of the Jayawijaya FKUB (Forum for Religious Harmony) Rev. Esmond Walilo, stated that the budget allocation from the central government for the Papua Special Autonomy Fund will end next year. Since its implementation which lasted almost 19 years, there has been no evaluation.

Even though he continued, the Papua Special Autonomy Fund had a positive impact and welcomed the planned extension. It’s just that the Papuan people do not enjoy what they are entitled to.

“The funds go directly to the local government (local government), it depends on the regent, mayor, governor what to do. Now say we want to extend the Special Autonomy Fund. We have never enjoyed the goods,” said Esmond in the Moya Discussion Group WAG Unity in Diversity (UID ) through the statement received, Saturday (19/9/2020).

According to Esmond, the central government rolled out the fund but there was no evaluation whether it was absorbed or not. In fact, he considered that the Papuan people were still suffering during the implementation of the Special Autonomy Fund.

“We apologize for the fact that the government is nil. Thank you the central government for paying attention to empowerment. If we look at the pressure from other nations to want independence,” he explained.

For that, continued Esmond, it is necessary to evaluate together thoroughly and sit down together. In this evaluation, it is necessary to involve community leaders.

He hopes that in the future justice can be upheld. He considered, there are problems that cannot be resolved at the level of mayors, regents, governors and the DPR.

“It hurts the Papuan people, some of them say it is better to be independent. It needs evaluation every year. Person, they use the funds in an unclear manner. The government in Jakarta is right, in Papua it is unclear,” he said.

He added that the evaluation was carried out because the Regent could use the funds arbitrarily. If other regions go abroad once a year, but in Papua it can be six times a year.

According to Esmond, if the goal is to benefit society, it is not a problem, but to please the family it is questionable. He also asked the financial audit to be honest, they went in order to save the area.

“It is not that the state does not pay attention to Papua, the money has been sent but it is played in the regions. We hope that our friends can help us. There is a fundamental problem, so that they will remain faithful in building their beloved Papua,” he explained.

Another resource person in the discussion was Observer of Papua and Global Politics Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan, Secretary of the Jayawijaya FKUB Rev. Alexsander Mauri, LHKI-PP Muhammadiyah Political Observer Heri Sucipto, moderator: International Association for Counter Terrorism and Professional Security. Moya Institute organizers. Unity in Diversity (UID).

Evaluation of Papua Special Autonomy

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