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PT Pertamina MOR VIII helps a shell craft group

Pertamina CSR for Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – PT Pertamina (Persero) Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VIII continues to provide support through a “corporate social responsibility (CSR)” program for business actors, one of which is a craft group using coconut shell waste in Jayapura City, Papua province.

Edi Mangun, Unit Manager for Communication, Relations and CSR of PT Pertamina (Persero) MOR VIII in Jayapura, Friday, said that this program is a way to bring out the potential for the creativity of indigenous Papuans in making crafts.

“With the basis of creativity in the noken craft culture in Cenderawasih Earth, we want to develop the creative spirit of indigenous Papuans who have become this culture to be creative in utilizing recycling waste that has a high selling value, namely coconut shell waste,” he said.

According to Edi, from the results of social mapping around the Jayapura Fuel Terminal operating area, Pertamina found an inspiring figure who is also an indigenous Papuan who has long been involved in the craft of recycling waste.

“Yane Maria Nari (55), a native Papuan mother, has been pursuing the craft of recycling waste from paper and plastic waste more than 20 years ago. From here, Pertamina saw the potential and talents possessed by Mama Yane and her group members could be empowered to making valuable products from coconut shell waste, “he said.

He explained that his party was amazed by the potential as well as the consistency that Mama Yane had in the waste recycling craft, so Pertamina sent Mama Yane to Yogyakarta to “intern” and study with coconut shell craftsmen in the local area in May 2019.

“From the results of learning to make recycled crafts from coconut shell waste with craftsmen in Yogyakarta, Mama Yane and members of the Papua Millennial Kobek group were finally able to produce a number of crafts, ranging from decorative lamps, eating and drinking utensils, household decoration knick-knacks, to hairpins and earrings, he said again.

In line with Edi Mangun, Mama Yane said that for one week her party learned the ins and outs of coconut shell crafts and after that came home until now they are still working on the craft.

Just to note, after returning from Yogyakarta, Pertamina also helped the Papuan Millennial Kobek group chaired by Mama Yane by building a production house equipped with five machines for making coconut shell crafts.

The name of the Papuan Millennial Kobek group proposed by Mama Yane itself has a meaning which means coconut in the Biak language, where Millennial Papua which also means millennial era must now be more enthusiastic in any case.

Pertamina CSR for Papua

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