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Erratic Behaviour of Veronica Koman

Erratic behaviour of Veronica Koman

In one side, when a person like Veronika Koman Liau (VKL) has mental disorder, we may need to accept that her behaviour will be inconsistent. On the other side, such inconsistency can be interpreted as mood change or even as chameleon’s strategy to deceive and mislead everybody.

West Papua Blog highlighted the track record of VKL, which can be seen in the following pictures:

VK wearing I love Indonesia
VKL wearing Free West Papua t-shirt and holding the Dutch created Free West Papua Cultural Flag

T-shirt and flag may have no meaning and everybody can wear any t-shirt or fly any flag. Howerver, in VKL case this clearly shows her inconsistency. How could she declared loyalty to Indonesia during her scholarship interview and later say Indonesia is a colonizer. How could she vow to return her scholarship personally but then later insult LPDP. There are so many inconsistency in her life including her personal life, which only her close friends know it.

If her mental is healthy, then the next probable reason is her self-centered attitude to maximize best opportunities for her. She’s been longing for continuing her degree and use the opportunity to win scholarship from LPDP including by lying and deceiving LPDP. When she got the money, access in Australia, new lover, find better opportunity to escape from poverty, she hardened her position by increasing her loud campaign by selling West Papua issue in foreign country.

She doesn’t care with the impact. She knows how sensitive Indonesian government with West Papua issue and she successfully invite strong response from the police when she instigated violent demonstration in Papua. Please read 3 Latest Facts about Veronica Koman, Papua Riot Suspect (use google translate to read it).

VKL is a master of twisting words, her propaganda is clashing the interests of fellow Papuans, dividing fellow Indonesian into pros and cons about special autonomy, the future of Papua, and disunite Indonesia (NKRI).

Finally, West Papua Blog would like to ask readers of this blog to watch and confirm that the most important thing for VKL is about herself as the center of attention.

Erratic behaviour of Veronica Koman

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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  1. Veronica Koman Liau has mental disorder? Your evidence is only based on her social media, I think she is mentally healthy enough to destroy peace in West Papua.

  2. I agree that that the most important thing for Veronica Koman Liau is about herself as the center of attention. It is not about West Papua, not about Indonesia, not about Australia, not about human rights !

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