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1,800 people signed up to become the Special Autonomy Bintara in West Papua

Special Autonomy Bintara

Manokwari (ANTARA) – As many as 1,800 native Papuans have registered in the recruitment of the Special Autonomy (Otsus) Bintara by Kodam XVIII / Kasuari / West Papua.

“The enthusiasm of our younger siblings, especially native sons of the region to become TNI soldiers is quite high. The interest is quite large, it is evident that the recruitment of the Special Autonomy Officer has been more than 1,000 and even nearly 2,000 people have registered,” said Pangdam XVIII / Kasuari Maj. Gen. I Nyoman Cantiasa in Manokwari.

Canti always explained that the Kasuari Kodam still needs quite a lot of personnel. The presence of indigenous Papuan sons and daughters as non-commissioned officers is expected to fill the gap.

The recruitment of NCO, he said, was a collaborative program between Kodam XVIII / Kasuari and local governments throughout West Papua. This recruitment applies specifically to native Papuan sons and daughters.

“Because this recruitment uses Special Autonomy funds. With the Special Autonomy funds we empower our younger siblings through education who will then serve as TNI soldiers,” he said.

The Pangdam said this recruitment was carried out in all districts and cities of West Papua. On October 14, 2020 the natural selection process began.

Currently in West Papua there are only five Kodim, namely Kodim 1802 / Sorong, Kodim 1801 / Manokwari, Kodim 1803 / Fakfak, Kodim 1804 / Kaimana, Kodim 1805 / Raja Ampat, and Kodim 1806 / Teluk Bintuni.

To strengthen the work of the Kodam a number of preparatory Kodim have been formed in Tambrauw, Maybrat, South Sorong, Arfak Mountains, South Manokwari, and Teluk Wondama Regency. Kodam XVIII / Kasuari will also form a Korem in Fakfak.

“For the Kodim preparations are now filled with BKO troops (under operational control) who have been brought in from a number of Kodam in Indonesia. They serve as embryos until later they become the final Kodim,” he said.

After the Otsus Bintara candidates finish their education, the Pangdam continued, they will be assigned to the Kodim and other newly formed units.

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