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To protect the forest to protect drinking water sources

Protect drinking water sources

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Jayapura City Government (Pemkot) reminded residents in the region to always preserve the forest in order to maintain the existence of drinking water sources, which have recently decreased their discharge.

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommy Mano in Jayapura, Friday, said that his party asked the customary rights owners at certain points such as in Kampwolker, Entrop, Paldam and others to pay attention to the sustainability of water sources.

“We are not prohibiting customary rights owners from acquiring land because it is their right and an economic need, but please pay attention to several drinking water sources so that they are not traded,” he said.

According to Benhur, the reason is, if these places are bought and sold for land, it can disturb the water sources belonging to the people of Jayapura.

“Now the existing water sources, the discharge does not increase even though, for example, it rains heavily for several days because it turns out that trees have been felled around the water source,” he said.

He explained that trees are water retainers and if they are encroached on a large scale, there is no longer binding the water that has fallen so that they cannot increase the flow of water at the intakes.

“So these elements are asked to stop encroaching and cutting trees because they are detrimental to many people and violating the rules,” he said.

He added that with an increasing population, the need for clean water will also increase.

“The water service should have been 1 × 24 hours, but now in all areas of Jayapura City, the hours of distribution of the water must be regulated because the water debit is decreasing,” he said.

Notes on Protect drinking water sources

Forests and freshwater systems interact in many different ways: through soil stability and sediment load; fisheries and fish hatching; the impacts of different tree species on acidification of water; mitigation of incidence and severity of flooding from headwater catchments; management of downstream water logging and salinity; influencing the availability of water for irrigation systems; maintaining the quality of water for industrial purposes; and so on.


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